4 Honeymoon Activities in Maldives


A wedding is a fun, but costly venture for many couples. There is so much stress involved in planning a wedding, therefore, newlyweds should treat themselves to a nice honeymoon. While more adventurous types can plan their own holidays and go backpacking through south East Asia, your honeymoon should be about relaxation and spending time with your partner. For that, what better place is there than Maldives?

Maldives Resort Huts Photo Credit

Maldives, also known as the Maldive Islands, regarded by many as “heaven on earth,” has been the favorite of honeymoon-goers for quite some time. It’s an island nation located in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea, consisting of over 1,000 islands. There is nearly every activity you can think of under the sun as a honeymooner. If you like nature, diving, surfing, fishing, history, or just relaxing in an all-inclusive resort, Maldives has them all.

Since wading through the endless list of activities can be overwhelming, here are just samples of what you can do in Maldives: submarine ride, exploring the history, island hopping, and of course, diving.

Submarine ride

There is a good chance that you’ve never been on a submarine. Now is your chance. Going on a submarine in Maldives is not just any old ride. For 45 minutes, you will be introduced to all kinds of underwater life as you descend into some 25-40 metres beneath the surface.

Three-Seater Submarine in Maldives Photo Credit

If you are lucky, you might even catch white tip reef sharks. For a complete submarine experience, take the night dive to see sleeping manta rays.

Exploring the history

Not all of your time at Maldives has to be spent underwater, or near the water. Maldives’ rich history involves Buddhism and Islam. In the capital city, Malé, you can visit the National Museum that includes many pre-Islamic artefacts as well as household wares to get a glimpse of what the life in this island was like.

Island Hopping

There is no way you’ll see all of 1,192 islands of Maldives during your honeymoon, but you can at least go home after seeing a few.

There are over 1,190 islands in the Maldives – Photo Credit

Whether you are visiting another tourist spot or looking for an uninhabited location, island hopping is the best way to see the lives of the local Maldivians and enjoy the nature’s best. Felivaru, Naifaru, Komandoo, Velidhoo, Kaadudhoo, and Huruvalhi are some of the popular islands for a day trip or lengthier excursions. You can arrange for these trips from your hotel.


Last but not least, diving is probably the most popular activity in Maldives. Even if you are too enthusiastic about jumping into the water with both feet, the underwater life in Maldives is not something you’d want to miss. Clear water year-round, over 3,000 coral reefs, and the moderate temperatures make diving in Maldives unforgettable.

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Honeymoon is something you’ll remember for your entire life. Maldives comes as close to a paradise and there is no better way to celebrate your union. You’ll go home relaxed, smiling, and dreaming of your time in Maldives for years to come.