10 Tips to Living a Life of Luxury When On Your Travels


Hostels, camping, and rural lodging aren’t for everyone. If luxury is a must for you while traveling the world, you have a few great options. After all, isn’t a vacation supposed to be relaxing? Here are 10 tips to living a life of luxury when traveling.

1. Stay World Class

Nothing is more luxurious than a world class Maldives resort. With beautiful apartments and a tranquil atmosphere, you won’t want to leave your resort. You’ll almost have to remind yourself to get out and enjoy all that South Asia has to offer.

2. When in Rome, Eat Like the Romans Do

Food has a certain luxurious aspect to it that isn’t found in any other activity. Flavors, smells, and textures are all a key part of luxury and food manages to encompass all of them. For this reason, making sure that you grab a bite to eat of whatever the delicacy of the country you are visiting is important.


3. Make a List 

If you’re going to live the high life while traveling, stress isn’t something that comes with it. Prior to departure, do some research and then make a list of all the places you want to see. This will help to reduce your stress so you can focus on the luxurious beauty all around you.

4. Utilize your Apps

There are so many great apps out there for travelers to get reviews from others about the food, hotels, and attractions in the area. Living a life of luxury while you travel means not stopping in at less than par restaurants and hotels, so check them out before you waste your time on something that isn’t up to your standards.

5. Fly First Class

Start-and end-your trip in style by flying first class. While these amenities are dependent upon the airline you book with, you’ll love the luxurious extras that most have to offer first class passengers- with extra leg room, champagne, and a big screen TV you may not want to get off the plane. Or even better, fly private jet. You might be surprised that a private jet rental can often be more affordable than flying first class, especially if you have a few members in your travel party.

6. Know Your Way Back 

If you’re in a country with a language that differs from your native tongue, keep ahold of the business card to the hotel. This can help your taxi driver get you back easily or allows natives to give you the correct directions. Getting lost is not a luxury.


7. Take Advantage of Room Service

You’re on vacation, so live like it! Nothing beats waking up in luxurious hotel sheets and snacking on pastries and coffee while watching the sun come up outside your world class resort.

8. Choose Your Location Carefully

Some countries are more well known for bringing luxury to their visitors, so choose one who has a good reputation for offering high class accommodations. The Maldives, Thailand, and Tahiti area are a few select areas that know the value of luxury.

9. Transportation Matters

Make your entrance as luxurious as your lodging and consider booking a limo to take you to your hotel. With great extras such as snacks and champagne your transportation should be just as comfortable as your hotel.

10. Avoid a Credit Card Freeze

Nothing puts a damper on your luxury trip like having your credit card frozen. Give your credit card company the heads up prior to departure so you don’t run the risk of getting to a new country with no way to shop and spend in style.

Luxury isn’t just the hotel you stay in or the country you visit. It’s the complete package-food, transportation, and a stress free travel plan are all crucial to living a life of luxury on your next vacation.