Hit the jackpot or lose it all: 2016


Indeed, playing in a casino, it is very hard to predict the outcome of the game. And it absolutely doesn’t matter whether it is a traditional casino with lots of table games, like poker, black jack, Baccara, etc, or an online casino that is full of online slots uk no deposit. Yet, the fact that remains the same from year to year is that there are people, who are extremely lucky, thus hit the jackpot. From the other hand, there are also players, who unfortunately lose it all. So, let’s look at the biggest win and loss of the year 2016.


$ 3,7 million win

In the middle of February 2016, the biggest jackpot was won in an online casino. It was really the largest win during the whole history of this online bookmaker. It was $3.7 million.

So, who is the lucky person, who managed to set a record and become a part of a gambling history? A 40-year-old woman living in Northern Scotland and bringing up a child alone did it. She often spent free time in front of a computer playing different games in an online casino, but the biggest present was brought from an application called “The Festival Of Lights”. She was its constant participant for more than a year and in the end, it brought her a generous gift.

It happened in one of the cold February days, when a gambling lone parent, who was spending evenings playing in online casino, turned into a multimillionaire. Of course, such a huge win is capable to change the life of absolutely every single person.

The name of this same woman is not known, since she decided to stay incognito. But she noted that it is not the first time she receives such a huge win. Last year, she won $48.000 and was very glad. But as it turned out it was just a “rehearsal” to a real triumph!

She confessed that even 2 weeks later she couldn’t believe it was all real and, therefore, has no idea how to spend the whole fortune. Yet, the thing that is definitely decided is a trip with a son to a Disneyworld!



As it was aforementioned, losses happen more frequently compared to wins and especially jackpots. And this is more than clear and understandable for each and every player. Having checked all the statistics of the year 2016, there were not noticed any big losses that are worth drawing attention to. And perhaps, it is even good, since it makes players more focused on wins!