Can Someone Hack My Phone And Read My Texts?


If you think that someone can hack your phone, you feel uncomfortable, and want to know how to prevent, if possible, loss of any sensitive information. But can someone really hack your smartphone? Unfortunately, our phones can definitely be hacked- but there are steps that you can take to protect yourself. For instance downloading a antivirus for your mobile. Here is a bit more on phone hacks and how you can keep some of your information safe:

Network Hacking: The United States has a common network shared by mobile providers called CCSS7. If a hacker can triangulate your approximate location, he or she can use your phone number as an identifier and hack into the network- which is used for calls and text messages.


Malware Hacking: While network hacking is pretty nasty, it is also pretty limited. This is where malware comes into play. In most cases malware can get onto your phone while piggy backing on an app that you desire, or through an unsecured internet connection.

What You Can Do: One of the most important things that you can do is download a free antivirus app from a reliable source, like Google Play for Android, or from the Apple Store if you have an iPhone. Both Apple and Android security has increased in light of the increase in hacked phones over the recent years, and your phone will definitely have more protection if you take advantage of the features that these companies offer. In addition to downloading a reliable antivirus app, you should practice good information safety- avoid sending sensitive information like passwords or account numbers over text, and be vigilant about checking any accounts that are linked to your mobile device to ensure that nothing is amiss.

While it is possible for your phone to be hacked, you do not need to be a victim. If you do everything in your power to protect yourself and remain vigilant, you can help stop trouble before it starts- or at the very least, know when something is amiss and minimize the damage.