Can I have a business without a Tax ID?


Sometimes the particulars of running a business – specifically running a business and filing taxes correctly – can be a bit confusing. Turbo Tax offers free tax tools that greatly simplify the process. This is especially true when you get into the exceptions regarding things like Employer Identification Numbers (EINs). For the most part, if you run a business in California then you will need to have a California EIN number. While there are one or two exceptions to this rule, they truly are few and far between. And when it’s so easy to fill out an IRS tax ID application, why risk it? Let’s look at how you can go about the application process.


IRS Tax ID Application        

“Simple” is probably not the word you often associate with the IRS, and for good reason. Sometimes getting things done through them can be lengthy affairs. When it comes to completing an IRS tax ID application, however, there are services that can help. IRS-EIN, for example, is a great option that manages to take the application process and streamline it into an easy to understand form that can be completed quickly. They can help you get a California EIN number fast, in other words, sometimes as soon as the same day your application is received.

Check Tax ID Number Status

If you already have an EIN (tax ID number), you might be wondering how to check tax ID number status. There are various options. From calling the IRS to contacting your bank and asking them for the number you supplied when opening your bank account, do not fret – it is absolutely possible to recover your EIN should you have lost it or forgotten it.

Do you need to complete an IRS tax ID application in order to obtain your California EIN number? If so, allow IRS-EIN to help! They can make the experience quick and painless.