Bizarre Encounters: Today’s Strangest Travel Accessories and Their Alternatives


With around 18% of UK citizens alone taking long-haul flights yearly, it’s clear that many people are keen to purchase travel accessories designed to make their flight and overall travel experience more manageable. However, with the increased amount of people regularly flying, travel accessories have become more bizarre and strange with each year that goes by.

Whilst some are extremely useful and certain to ease your experience, they do have the tendency to look very odd and make you stand out like a sore thumb. So, if you’re keen to try some wacky travel accessories for your long-haul flights and travel adventures, but also discover some more discreet alternatives, keep reading!

JetComfy Travel Pillow

Perhaps not the craziest travel accessory to be seen nowadays, the JetComfy travel pillow is still sure to receive some stares from passers-by. Brick-shaped yet super soft, this memory foam pillow features an adjustable metal pole that allows you to adjust its position to suit exactly how you want to rest your head when sleeping. Also boasting a power charger for your devices and a handy torch, this pillow is full of basic necessities designed to make your long flights easier.

However, for sleep assistance without receiving awkward stares on your flight, take a look at Alarm Clock for Me – the free app available at this link. Featuring an innovative sleep timer, you can simply plug headphones into your smartphone and listen to an array of relaxing tunes or white noise specifically designed to drown out unwanted sounds and induce better sleep quality.


Lechal Haptic GPS Shoes

Ideal for those experiencing long-term travel and frequently moving from place-to-place, these GPS shoes could be the next best thing! Simply connect them to their accompanying app, input your chosen destination, and the shoes will vibrate whenever you have to make a turn. Perfect for those arriving in a new city and wishing to get acquainted with their surroundings, these shoes will certainly point you in the right direction.

However, they aren’t the most discreet or comfortable shoes out there, and you may feel slightly self-conscious wearing vibrating shoes no matter how helpful they are. So, trusty apps like Google Maps form an ideal alternative.


Perhaps the strangest-looking sleep aid ever created, the OstrichPillow is essentially a sleeping bag for your head. Designed to completely mute sound and block out light, this pillow does have significant advantages for sleeping as long as you don’t care what you look like!

Resembling a soft, pillow-like space helmet, the OstrichPillow definitely won’t suit everyone. So, opting for a smaller pillow that can be inflated and placed around your neck on the flight is sure to look less odd. Combine with an opaque eye mask, and you’re good to go!

Just because travel accessories have become more bizarre with each year that goes by, you don’t have to. Whilst they can have their advantages, there are clear alternatives out there that aren’t going to make you a stare victim during your flight or travels!

Jordan Bradshaw is a flight attendant who enjoys writing articles when he can find the time. He usually writes about travel; using the destinations and things he sees on the plane to give him article ideas.