10 Free Icon Sets for Building Unique Web Interfaces


Unique websites leave good impressions on visitors, they look professional and reflect high quality products and services. If you’re building a new blog or site, consider upgrading from the standard icons and buttons that most websites use, by using a creative icon set from the web. While some icon sets come with expensive fees or require subscription services, these 10 super-creative icon sets will spruce up your web interface totally free.

1. Web Browser UI Elements

This icon set works well for any website’s navigation menu. It includes back, forth, reload, bookmark, settings, for all basic functions your users may need to perform. You can use this free icon set to bring design conformity and ease-of-use to your site. Use the Web Browser UI Elements icon set to replace your navigation menu on mobile apps or versions of your site, or to give your full site a more modern look.

2. Emoticons

In the spirit of emojis and social media icon sets, this free icon set will bring a social-friendly, modern look to your site. The icons work great on mobile, and can used for navigation buttons, or perhaps more fittingly, actionable buttons. This set includes smiley faces, and faces for other emotions ranging from anger to curiosity. These icons also make great stamps and conversational icons if you have a forum or blog comment area that allows users to insert icons.


3. Simple Icons

This self-described simple icon set works great on two-color web interfaces, and lends itself to blogs, journals and magazines quite well. It contains copy, paste, volume, and expand buttons, which is useful if you are displaying media contained within text-based articles. The Simple Icons set contains PSD files that scale up nicely to fit any display size.

4. Black and White Icons Pack

These icons make great buttons for settings, submenus, and actions on web interfaces. They are simple, black and white in design and match any color scheme. They include weather, nature, science, and general icons. These work great if you want to start a blog or website with news articles or reviews.

5. Colorful Ficons

This icon set is made using Photoshop vectors, so you don’t have to worry about losing image quality if scaling to larger sizes. This is really convenient for larger screen sizes, and sites that use icons rather than textual menu buttons. The icon set includes 42 artful icons, ranging from ice-cream cones to shopping carts. Consider using this icon set if you want to start a blog that reviews Amazon products, or if starting your own online store.

6. Business Icons

The Business Icons set contains a .psd file with scalable, business-oriented icons. This icon set is great for building a unique web interface because the icons are in pastel, muted colors. This works well with food service, family-friendly, religious and holiday based sites and blogs. Use this icon set to set your business apart on the web, and show your creative side. It includes icons for calendars, tools and settings, printing, emails, and expanding graphs and charts.

7. IconToucan

The IconToucan icon set is unique in that it allows you create your own customized set online to download only the icons you need. This set includes icons for business and personal use, and has pretty much the same artistic range as most iPhone and Android icon keyboards. This includes check marks, charts, smileys and conversational icons. The icons in this set are vector images and will work with any HTML or CSS website or blog, or even your mobile app.

8. Socialico

This icon set is designed for social media websites, and sites that want to get shared on social platforms. It includes two-color, modern icons representing all of the most commonly used social media sites. Install this icon set to let your users know how to share your content on specific social media platforms. The icon set works as a font pack as well, making it easy to implement on your site, right from the HTML editor, and can be used locally on your machine as well.

9. Retro Volume 1

This retro-style icon set will create a unique interface for your users. It works great on gaming and media sites, or any blog or website where vintage, antique or retro technology is discussed. It uses vector image files to ensure you can scale the icons to larger or smaller size as needed without getting choppy, pixelated results. This set has icons depicting cameras, storefronts, compasses, clothing, and more.

10. Freepik

If you’re looking for something more than just basic two-color icons, give the Freepik icon set a try. The included icons look 3D, and have multiple colors and intricate design features. There are icons in this set for social media, contact pages, cooking, automotive, and more. The Freepik icon set catalog contains 11,000 icons, all free for use on your website or blog.

If you’re going to start a blog or new website, consider using an icon set that matches the theme on your site or business. This can be just as important as choosing design elements within your color scheme. Unique icon sets look great on mobile too, as they can more closely resemble buttons found in popular mobile apps. Creative icons give your site a more customized look, and relays to clients that you put thought and care into every detail.