How to Keep Travel Alive When You’re Home


For someone who loves travel, such as myself, there’s nothing worse than being home. I think there’s a real illness called the ‘travel comedown’ where you mourn the loss of your adventures and the routine of every day life. For most of us, traveling forever is impossible, but there are some ways to keep the adventure alive, long after the trip is over. I have a few suggestions as to how, so read on for more information:


1) Printing Out Your Photos

Are you missing the cobblestone streets of Barcelona or perhaps the views of Angkor Wat? Why not print out some of your photos to decorate your home so you can be gently reminded of your holiday whenever you walk around your home. If you’re really keen you can print out some large copies and then have them framed with frames from This is a wonderful way to brighten up your home and keep the wanderlust at bay.

2) Buy Little Nicknacks On Your Travels

Fall in love with a painting Indonesia or France? Why not buy it! Sure it might push you slightly out of your budget, but how long will you treasure it? Perhaps you really like something small from another country, such as a little statute from India, buy it! Little nicknacks serve as a perfect reminder of a trip and are a lovely way to decorate your home.


3) Get Skype

Often it is the people we miss as just as much as the places. Installing Skype will ensure that you can keep in touch for free, which is good for the travel fund. If you use computer to computer or phone to phone calling you wont be charged any fees and you can use Skype to make cheaper international calls to cell phones or home phones.

4) Buy Postcards

I like to use postcards in the same ways as photos.. I buy them along my travels and place them around my home, either on my fridge or the walls of my room to remind myself of the places I’ve been. It’s a very simple way to decorate and actually very cheap too.

Sometimes it’s important to go home to spend time with family, to recharge or to recharge your bank account. When the time comes, use these simple tips to keep the travel dream alive no matter where in the world you are.