Invest in a Secluded Island for the same fee as a flat in London


Available to you, for as cheap as London’s ‘narrowest house’ (a measly 99 inches wide), is a remote island situated along Scotland’s west coast. A recent £100,000 cut from the asking price takes the island to a more affordable £450,000. The island boasts a contemporary house, exclusive beaches and picturesque landscapes.

Located nearby is Sir Paul McCartney’s Scottish manor, the spacious 19 acre island was initially put up for sale in summer 2015 for £550,000 – a real bargain, bearing in mind the seclusion, beautiful scenery as well as a famous musician as your neighbour. Although, after receiving minimal attention in the previous six months, the price of the island has been lowered by £100,000.


The island possesses a rural and endearing accommodation with a stunning surrounding panorama and ocean views – what’s not to like? It seems the most appealing feature of the island is the plot of land itself, a romantic walk starting at the private beach next to the lagoon ensures you follow the outskirts of the island – at points seeing all the way to Jura, and Northern Ireland. This island is on the market as ‘the best answer for those looking for an island on a smaller budget’ whilst suggesting to be ‘affordable for island dreamers’ at a reasonable price.

This exclusive property is a contemporary design with a twist, inside wooden beams and a panelled interior gives the house a cosy feeling. All bedrooms have their own en suites and better still all rooms have unbelievable scenic views thanks to the unique architecture.

Wait, there’s more! For those who enjoy wildlife and animals, it is rumoured that seals bask on the southern rocks of the island, otters live on the coastline and dolphins are spotted convoying local fishermen who catch lobsters.

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life this potentially is not the right choice for you. To reach Scotland from the island the only mode of transport is via a private boat to Gigha, a neighbouring island with a minute population of 110 people, before a ferry trip to the mainland which with bad weather can take up to two hours… Unless the investor has a private helicopter.


For a similar cost as this island, in Edinburgh’s glamorous Merchiston you could perhaps afford a three bedroom apartment. Or maybe a dubious flat in London. Be that as it may, if the rustic lifestyle is your cup of tea, this seems a flawless piece of property. Find more on the UK’s leading online estate agent.