Top 4 Family Destinations


Picking a place to visit that you and your family will love can be a challenge. You want enough to keep your children entertained, while some fun stuff for the adults too. There are a few places that are “stand out” for family holidays and the perfect destination for creating a very memorable family holiday. Here are our top 4 family destinations:

Miami, Florida:
The USA is actually a great place to travel as a family as it is very kid friendly and easy to get around by car, meaning you can cart as much stuff with you as you need. Florida is a standout family destination because it combines the beach, that people of all ages can enjoy, with a bunch of fun theme parks. There’s roller coasters, water parks and rides for even the smallest family members. SeaWorld is also a great place to take the whole family and it proves to be very educational. Miami, Florida is jam-packed with lots of fun, family adventures.


Paris, France:
This might not be your first choice of family holidays, but it is such a beautiful city that will delight and entice even the youngest of travellers. There’s so much history, art and museums here that will keep the older people fascinated, while a great Disneyland for the smaller members. The iconic Eiffel tower will amaze and delight all, as it is a very popular symbol and offers a great view.

London, England:
Probably not the most obvious choice, but maybe it should be. England offers numerous museums, art galleries and exhibitions that are all free – perfect when you’re traveling with a few people as admission fees can really ad up. There are also ample parks, such as Hyde park which are lovely for the whole family to enjoy. Factor in the Royal icons, such as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace and you’ve got quite an extraordinary trip in the making.


Barcelona, Spain:
Spain is a wonderful place to travel as a family, as Spanish culture really embraces children and parents are very social with their children, often staying out past midnightin the summer, even with little children in tow. There’s a beautiful beach here, lots of wonderful parks including the stunning park by Park Güell. You’ll also find an impressive aquarium here which is sure to delight children and adults alike.

Wherever you choose for your next family destination, make sure there are ample activities and sights to keep everyone entertained. If you choose any of these destinations, you’ll be spoiled for fun things to do together.


Photos: Terrazzo and Kristof Valgaerts used under Creative Commons License