Tips for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers


Traveling with kids can be some parents’ worst nightmares, but it doesn’t have to be that bad if you plan a little to get ahead. Here are our tips and suggestions for traveling with babies and toddlers to make your flight a little less stressful:

1) Take the Car Seat with You
It’s better if you book a ticket for your child, so they can have a reserved seat, but often if the flight is not totally filled up you will be allowed to have a spare seat for the carseat, just ask at checkin. Putting your baby or wiggly toddler in a car seat during a flight is one of the best things you can do for them. They’ll get the security of being in a familiar setting, all while being safer than sitting in your lap or in a seat by themselves. Kids who are in car seats also tend to sleep more in flights as they’re used to being in their car seat during car trips.

2) Ask for a Bassinet
You can book a bassinet on a number of different airlines and they’re free to reserve. This means that the baby can lay flat and get a good chance of sleeping through the flight. We suggest checking if this is an option when you book your flights as leaving it to checkin might make it a bit too late.

3) Bring Spare Clothes in Your Carry On
Chances are, your baby or toddler will make a mess at some stage of the flight. Having extra clothes for you and baby ensures that you don’t have to sit in your vomit covered clothes for the duration of the flight.

4) Feed Baby During Takeoff and Landing
Ensuring that baby is fed either by breast, bottle or sipper cup during take off and landing will ensure that their ears are relieved. The change in cabin pressure is very painful for small ears and taking some time to feed your baby whenever there is a change in pressure will do a lot to help relieve your baby’s discomfort during the flight.

5) Bring Extra Towels
Bring baby wipes, kitchen cloths and plastic bags with you so you can tend to any messes quickly and easily. Often the airlines will be supplied with kids to help clean up a mess, but just in case, bring your own kit along with you.

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare, especially if you use these tips to ensure your flight goes smoothly!


Photos: jpmatthAbilityPath1 and meme_machine used under Creative Commons License