3 Ways to Minimise Your Car Emissions


    I feel like as time goes on, we’re becoming more aware of the effect our actions have on the planet. We want to bring our own bags to the supermarket in order to reduce plastic, many homes are now recycling and we also want to buy eco-friendly cars. In the past few years we’ve seen a huge increase in alternative fuel based cars, such as hydrogen based cars and rechargeable cars such as the Tesla line. Now even more mainstream car brands are looking to see how they can become more eco friendly and positively impact the environment.

    Here are my handy hints of 3 ways to minimise your car emissions and help ensure the health of our planet:

    1. Buy a Eco Conscious Car
    For many of us, using our car is non negotiable, it’s what we use to get to work each day and how we transport our kids to school. If there’s no way to minimise how often you use a car, you can choose a more eco friendly car and it doesn’t just have to be one of the new cars that are completely electric. The growth of sales of hybrid/electric cars has increased by 43.2% in the first quarter of 2017 when compared with 2016 – that’s almost double! This means you should be able to find a more eco friendly car option, regardless of whether you’re buying new or used.

    2. Carpool
    Maybe a new car isn’t on the cards for you, or maybe you already have a hybrid or electric car and want to figure out more ways to minimise the impact on the environment. Why not consider carpooling? This works great both for your personal work commute and also for the kid’s drop off. Maybe you can arrange with some parents to share the responsibility of school drop offs, which will reduce the environmental impact but also ensure you have a little more extra time each week for anything you need to do. It’s a win win situation for you and the other parents.

    3. Use Only When Necessary
    We can all do with cutting down our car use. If you live somewhere with great public transport, why not commit to using it a few times a week? Why not have “Walking weekends” where you avoid using the car and instead explore your neighbourhood with fresh eyes. Little adjustments each week can add up to a substantial change over the course of the year.

    Want to know more about the future of alternative fuels? Please take a moment to check out this handy infographic below:
    Motorparks - Future of Fuel (1)