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Have you had an opportunity to visit the Maldives? If you have, then chances are you’re already trying to plan your next visit back – there’s almost nowhere in the world that has beaches that can compete with the world class beaches of the Maldives. If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of visiting, then I’ll bet these are one of your bucket list destinations and for good reasons – it’s one of the best places in the world to unwind, relax and really take a break from the chaos of the modern world. The secluded luxury of the Maldives make it a wonderful way to disconnect, spend quality time with your loved ones and even take a moment to pamper yourself. Whether you’re looking for a romantic honeymoon destination, a special family holiday that will be treasured for years to come, or a fun girl’s trip away, the Maldives can cater to any type of holiday that you’re searching for!

1. Secluded Luxury
Because the Maldives are a little more isolated than many beach resort destinations, it’s a little more expensive and a little more challenging to get to. This has resulted in a slightly higher-end market, where the standard of quality you can find amongst the resorts and hotels is some of the best in the world. There are over 200 inhabited islands of the Maldives and you’ll be pleased to know that over 90 of them are dedicated to luxury resorts, so if you’re looking for a little taste of heaven, you’ll be spoiled for choice here. That’s why many people choose the Maldives as their honeymoon destinations because the quality and variety of high-end resorts are just unbelievable! You’ll wake up each day sighing with disbelief because it will actually feel like you’re still asleep and dreaming because it’s really that beautiful. The pricing is right for the quality and service you receive, making it a wonderful option for that special holiday. Check out Neoscapes Maldives for some great options in the Maldives.


2. A Special Culture
While many people flock to the Maldives for the beautiful beaches and amazing photo opportunities, there’s so much more to the Maldives than just the beautiful scenery and incredible weather. The local culture is very interesting, it takes influence from Southern India, Arabic, and Sinhalese mixes, resulting in a unique and stunning culture. While many people will rush through Male’ – the capital city – hoping to reach their incredible resort as fast as possible, I suggest you spend a little time in this cultural hub. Check out the National Museum, visit Sultan Park, and take a stroll around the Presidental palace to learn a little more about this interesting country. There are so many interesting things to do in the Maldives. Many tourists will be pleased to know that English is taught in many schools in the Maldives, meaning that you’ll be able to communicate quite effortlessly. However, the local language is Dhivehi, and you’ll get a very warm welcome if you take some time to learn phrases in Dhivehi!

3. A Whole New World of Culinary Delights
Have ever had Maldivian food? If you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat! While much of what you end up eating will depend on where you stay and many of the resorts have incredible selections of food, my suggestion will be to try to find a local eatery so that you can sample some more ‘home cooked’ style food. One thing you can do is to ask in your hotel or resort for some suggestions for the best places to try the best local dishes. You’ll quickly notice that much like the culture, the Maldives takes a lot of its inspiration for the style of food from the neighboring regions such as Southern Indian food and Arabic food. One of the most delicious dishes you must try in the Maldives is bis keemiya – have you ever heard of it? Probably not, but chances are you’ve tried something similar before, bis keemiya is quite similar to a samosa! Whenever I’m by the ocean – and you can’t be in the Maldives and not near the ocean – I love to eat fish. Garudhiya is a delicious fish soup that’s very popular in the Maldives and if you’re a fan of fish soup I’m sure you’re going to love it. No list of things to try would be complete without something sweet, which leaves Saagu Bondibai, a delicious dish made from condensed milk, cardamom, rose and coconut milk – yum!


4. Actual Paradise
Have you ever gone to a beach somewhere and realized it doesn’t look quite as beautiful as the postcards you’ve seen before and while you love being there, you feel a little deflated and let down? The Maldives is one of those places you’ll visit that actually looks more incredible than photos can depict. You’ll be pinching yourself because it’s too good to be true. The sand is so white and bright, it’s almost blinding. The bright blue ocean offers the perfect contrast against the sand and the fact that it’s so isolated leaves you feeling like you have really found paradise. The only problem? You might not want to get back on the plane to go back home. It’s the perfect place to take a book and get lost in your imagination. Work and all the responsibilities of home life will fade away into the distance while you literally feel your stress melt away! The temperature throughout the year is a comfortable 24-35 degrees. Rainy season does fall between November to April, but that does mean that accommodation is more affordable during these months. Pack a good rain jacket and you’ll be good to go even if there’s a little drizzle in paradise.

5. Incredible Marine Life
The Maldives are a great place to snorkel and dive, allowing you a special glimpse into the magical world under the sea. If you stay in an over water bungalow, you can literally roll out of bed in the morning and start snorkeling right away – I can’t think of a better way to start my day! There’s a wonderful variety of fish and marine life in this region of the world making it a lovely place to snorkel and explore. If you’re interested in exploring more remote areas, either by snorkeling or diving, then you can do so by boat – and your hotel or resort can organize these trips for you so that you can relax and enjoy the adventure!

If you’re looking for a holiday that will be in an unforgettable location, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized, the Maldives may be the perfect destination for you. Offering an unbeatable level of luxury, some of the world’s best beaches and diving, it’s the perfect place for a honeymoon, wedding anniversary trip, a special family holiday or even a fun girl’s trip! Consider booking a holiday package to save money and get the best value on your next trip to the Maldives!


When was the last time you went away on holiday? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone. Many of us feel stressed-out and overworked, and it can be easy to write off travel as ‘too expensive.’ But it’s completely possible to save for travel and have an amazing holiday without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

Understand Your Finances

If you’re saving for a particular goal, it’s key that you know exactly where your money is. That means that if you’re the type of person who’s scared to check your bank balance, you’re going to need to get real familiar with your logins.

Make a list of the debt you currently have and the money you have coming in each month. Write down exactly how much you should be paying back on debt like credit cards or car repayments for you to actually be paying down the balance (and not the interest). Next, account for all of your monthly bills like rent or mortgage, utilities, and your weekly grocery shop.


Track your spending

For one week, write down absolutely every cent you spend. This can be illuminating in many ways, especially if you find yourself complaining that you never have any money. Once you’ve done this, take a good look at your spending habits and consider where you can cut back. Maybe you won’t really miss that daily Starbucks latte or you never watch Netflix anyway. Small things can make a big difference when you’re overseas.

Plan smart

If you’re planning a trip on a budget, there are a few ways you can make sure you don’t end up spending more than you need. Travel packages can be super budget-friendly, since they’ve been put together in order to offer a cheap deal. Cruises can also be a great option since they’re almost entirely all-inclusive and can also be paid off throughout the year.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for cheap flights and look for destinations where your money will go further- like Southeast Asia.

Take a friend

Travel is cheaper when you’re with another person. Not only can you split hotel rooms, but you’ll often find that you split food as well. Even if you don’t have a significant other (or they don’t’ want to travel) you’re likely to be able to find a friend or family member who is also in desperate need of a holiday.


If you’re dreaming of a destination that offers incredible landscapes, outrageous value and some of the friendliest people in the world, then Nepal may be the perfect travel destination for you. If you’ve ever dreamed of climbing the highest mountain in the world, then it’s likely that Nepal is on your travel bucket list. While the Everest Basecamp is an excellent reason to visit Nepal, the truth is there’s so much more to this incredible country – so if you’re on the fence about whether Nepal should be your next travel destination keep reading to get inspired and to learn more about this fascinating country.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 10.42.57 PM

With just over eighty percent of the population identifying as Hindu, nine percent identifying as Buddhist,   Nepal is regarded as a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multicultural country. Nepal is also considered the birthplace of Buddhism making it a wonderful place to visit for those wanting to get in touch with their spiritual side. Sages and Yogis alike have visited Nepal for many centuries. Spread across Nepal are some of the most incredible temples which provide a deeper insight into Nepal’s rich and historic culture. They also make for some incredible photos. One of the most famous temples in Nepal is the stunning Pashupati temple – better described as a collection of temples – which is unfortunately only accessible to people of Hindi faith. However, from the outside, you can still get a glimpse of how incredible this temple really is. Another special temple in Nepal is the Janakpur temple which is often regarded as Nepal’s answer to India’s Taj Mahal – it’s a very different style of temple that’s both striking and colourful. It is also Nepal’s largest temple, so if your itinerary allows, be sure to visit this incredible site.

Excellent Value for Money:
Due to its location and currency, Nepal remains a really good value place to travel to when compared to travelling to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States – your money will simply go much further here because it is a developing country. This is great for those of us who are travelling on a budget and hoping to find a destination that won’t break the bank. According to the website BudgetYourTrip.com the cost for a person to travel to Nepal for one month is $835 USD as of April 2018 and for comparison for a month in France that price skyrockets to $5278 – which is consierably more! This is course just a rough estimation as so many factors will go into how much you spend, such as what kind of activities you want to do, what kind of standard of travel you want to do, how you’ll travel, what kind of accomodation you will want to stay in and so forth – but it’s a great way to get an estimation of how much a trip will cost. If you’ve been somewhere recently, why not see how well the estimator guesses how much your destination ‘should have cost’ for the time you were there and compare it to what you actually spent! Then you can see how accurate it may be for you.

Because Nepal is a developing country it will let you stretch your money a bit further than it might go elsewhere, allowing you to either travel longer or perhaps travel to a higher standard than you could usually justify. Whether you choose to go on a tour or do it yourself, you’ll be surprised by how much value for money you get in Nepal and it may be hard to find another country in the world that offers you more.


Incredible Nature:
If you love fresh air, landscapes so stunning you have to pinch yourself to see if they’re real and Instagram-worthy shots around every corner. Of course there’s the Himalayas and if you’re adventurous I’m sure the Everest Base Camp is on your list of things to do. I suggest doing a ton of research before you go to make sure that you find a great Everest basecamp trek well in advance to ensure you don’t end up missing out.   You’re going to want to arrive in Nepal at least a few days if not a week in advance to give your body tons of time to adjust to the altitude and thinner air before you do the Basecamp trek. You’ll be able to learn more about the culture of Nepal and how the religion intertwines itself even high up on the mountains as you trek higher and see the stunning prayer flags from the summits of the mountains. Beyond the beautiful scenery, Nepal is home to some interesting animals too and a visit to Chitwan National Park will quickly ensure that you are exposed to some of the best wildlife Nepal has to offer – this is sure to delight travellers of all ages, so is perfect if you’re traveling with children or those who are young at heart.


An Opportunity To Help
In April of 2015 Nepal was devastated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed almost 9,000 injured over 22,000 and thousands more homeless and financially impacted. Even three years on, Nepal is still trying to recover and tourism numbers are down. A great way to help the economy to recover is by visiting and spending your tourism dollars to help stimulate the economy. Choosing to spend your vacation in Nepal instead of somewhere else is a great way to show support and to inject money directly into local businesses. While after a natural diaster of this magnitude there tends to be big campaigns by organisations such as Red Cross, a few years on most countries and people have forgotten about the damage done but the truth is to recover from an earthquake of this size would probably take at least a decade if not longer. Visiting and spending your money is a great way to help in your own way if you’re already considering a trip to Nepal!


The Food
Chances are you’ve probably not had too many chances in your life to experience Nepalese food – well you’re going to be spoiled for choice if you plan a trip to Nepal. One of the most popular dishes in Nepal is the staple Daal Bhat – you may have tried a Daal before which is named after ‘lentils’ and Bhat is named afer rice so you might guess it’s a lentils and rice dish. If you find that you love it, why not consider taking a cooking class in Kathmandu to learn how to make this Nepalese staple meal? Have you ever tried Momos? Besides having a cute name, they’re absolutely delicious especially if you’re a dumpling lover, like I am. Momos are basically Nepals answer to chinese-style steamed dumplings and are usually filled with a distinctive blend of spices that gives them that curry flavour. Sel Roti is another favourite of mine that is basically a sweet bread, a flour based dessert that’s fried in a ring shape. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. If you love cheese, then don’t miss out on trying Yak cheese. You’ll even be able to find some home comforts around Nepal such as apple pie, which will be a little different from home but just as delicious. Nepal food is delicious but can get a little same same after a while so just be prepared for the curry flavouring and a lot of lentils.

Nepal is a wonderful budget friendly destination that has so much to offer. Have you been before? I’d love to hear how you found it!


Getting on in age doesn’t have to hold you back from living an exciting life with lots of travel. This blog post will give you some top tips for travelling the world comfortably at any age.

Here are some top tips for senior travellers:

Take Travel Insurance

We all need travel insurance, but it’s truly essential if you’re an older traveller since you’re more at risk of having a fall and hurting yourself, needing extra medication, or getting sick. There’s nothing worse than being somewhere foreign and finding yourself in a scary or difficult situation without the backup of a travel insurance company. Getting insurance coverage will often only be a few hundred dollars- well worth covering yourself for everything from a lost passport to emergency surgery abroad.


Pack light

When you’re packing light, you’ll feel younger- a light load is much easier to manage than heavy bags. Take fewer clothes and simply commit to doing laundry a little more often. Go carry on whenever possible, and don’t forget things like an extra pair of glasses, a notebook, a map, or anything else you may need to feel comfortable abroad.

Book the right accommodation

Some hotels are much better than others when it comes to facilities and services for seniors. Consider your location carefully- the city center may cost more but it’s a convenient place if you like to take a nap or a rest between seeing sights. Ask about the accessibility before you book- particularly if you find you can get up and down easier with a stairlift.

Take the discounts

Many countries around the world have dedicated discounts for senior citizens. Even if you don’t see information posted, be sure to ask if there are any discounts included for those over a certain age. In many parts of Europe, seniors get great deals on rail tickets. You may also be able to get excellent discount on tours and attractions.

Do smart sightseeing

Don’t try to do everything in one go. It can be tempting to pack in as much as you can within a few days, but this is a good way to end up exhausted and burnt out. Take advantage of elevators and benches in museums and rest your feet. There are also great bus tours that allow you to have a comfortable seat while seeing the city. If you have a very active day of sightseeing planned, consider following it up with a nice quiet day so you can rest and recharge.




Anticipation is building and the racers are at the ready! That’s right, it’s almost time for the Grand National Festival 2018. The festivities begin on Thursday, the 12th of April and run through to Saturday, the 14th of April.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you’re in luck. We just happen to know the best seats in the house–and the pub! Here are some tips on how to get the most from one of England’s finest traditions:

Celebrate in Style at the Grand National Festival 2018

If you’re lucky enough to attend the event in person, don’t miss out on Aintree’s luxury accommodations. They offer private boxes, fine-dining restaurants, and a festival that’s fun for the whole family. You will surely find the perfect place to relax and enjoy the races at Aintree, or to impress those new clients. Take a look at the options they offer below:


Private Boxes

If you truly want to celebrate in style at the Grand National 2018, private boxes are the way to go. Pavilion Executive boxes are perfect for entertaining clients. They’re also located right on the course and feature private balconies that directly overlook the Course.

Fine Dining and Restaurants

There are many spectacular places to dine at Aintree. Enjoy amazing views from the Golden Miller on the first floor of the Earl of Derby Grandstand, or find yourself right in the middle of the action at the Cloister, which sits directly above the weighing room.

Get the Real Festival Experience

If you want a real festival experience, then there is no better place than McCoy’s. You get the full pub experience from McCoy’s, and you can watch the races in person from the Earl of Derby Terrace that directly overlooks the Course. There is no better way to have fun at the Grand National Festival 2018.

Place Your Bets, if You Haven’t Already

Even if you can’t attend in person, you can still be a part of the festivities. Betting on the event is as traditional as admiring the style on Ladies Day. William Hill is an excellent place to put in your bets, but the event is approaching quickly so place them soon!

Make a wager and you can add a little more excitement to your experience at the Grand National Festival. 2018 is your year to win, so don’t miss out! Bets are still being placed, and you still have time to reserve your spot at Aintree or find a good pub to view the event.

Make 2018 Your Best Festival Experience Yet

Whether you’re watching at home on the telly, in a pub with friends, or at Aintree, make this year your best yet. The Grand National Festival 2018 is being broadcast live from ITV, and many pubs are having viewing events. There are also many venues offering special meal packages before, after, and during the daily festivities. Fashion, racing, fine-dining, and merriment abound. So, grab your seat and raise a glass to tradition!


We all like to have a little luxury in our lives while travelling. If you’re hoping to have a luxury holiday without breaking the bank, this is completely possible. Here are some ways you can increase the luxury in your life on your next vacation:

Book in advance

If you’re more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants traveller, it’s time to become a planner. That’s because booking well in advance can save you some serious money. Airlines release airfares around 11 months in advance, but you should also keep an eye out for deals on hotels and airfare. Some hotel sites offer free nights when you stay for a minimum of 10 nights, while others offer discounts on rooms. Sign up to a bunch of travel newsletters to see some of the best deals.

Avoid peak season

School holidays run from July to August in Europe, not to mention you’ll also be dealing with higher hotel rates and more expensive flights. Since everyone wants to travel during the best weather, you’ll also find crowds everywhere you go, long lines, and increased prices.

Instead, look for great deals in shoulder season, when you’ll find cooler weather, fewer crowds, and much better prices.


Book a cruise

If you’re serious about introducing some more luxury to your life, book an ultimate luxury cruise holiday. Cruising is almost entirely all-inclusive, and there are some incredible luxury cruising companies that will make you feel like a king (or queen) while you’re travelling. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself with numerous activities and amenities on board, while travelling to a new and exciting destination.

Choose the right destinations

A five-star experience in Asia or Central America will be much cheaper than the same experience in Europe or North America. If you’re hoping to get the most for your travel dollars, pick destinations where those dollars go further, and you’ll also get to upgrade your experience.

Find luxury hotel openings

Knowing you’re about to check into a luxury hotel will help you get through even the longest and most uncomfortable flight. If you research where the latest luxury hotels are due to open, you’ll be able to snag some of the most amazing hotels at a much cheaper price point than those that have been there for awhile.

Avoid packages

Most people assume that a package holiday will save them money, but often, booking your hotel and flights separate will actually save you money. That’s because the providers of those packages aren’t putting them together out of the goodness of their hearts- they’ve added some padding on top. It’s a simple matter to coordinate your flights with your hotel checkin, so do your research yourself to save money.


Known for its adventure, culture, history, and scenery, Southeast Asia continues to draw visitors from around the world. Not only is it an amazing place to travel, but it’s comparatively inexpensive, making it popular for travellers of all ages.

Experience a tour of Cambodia or lie on a beach in Thailand. Go diving in the Philippines or explore the pagodas in Myanmar. However you like to travel, Southeast Asia has something for everyone.

Here are a few reasons why your next trip should be to Southeast Asia:


The Food

Southeast Asian food is delicious, and it could easily be the number one reason why so many people love visiting the region. From the street food in Bangkok to the curries in Malaysia, each country has something new and delicious to offer. There are few places in the world where you can find cuisine as flavorful, colorful, vibrant, and diverse.

The beaches

You’ll find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia. And beach season is perpetual here, with summer all year round. Love scuba diving or snorkeling? Head to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, or the Philippines. Or just grab a book and relax in a hammock while your friends and family members are shoveling snow at home.

The cities

Southeast Asia has some of the most exciting, crazy, and fast-moving cities in the world. From Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City, (and who could forget Bangkok?) You’ll be astounded by the unique mix of both new and old Asia. Ancient temples are located around the corner from futuristic skyscrapers, and you can walk out of a modern mall and enjoy a delicious meal on the side of the street. This dichotomy is what makes Southeast Asian cities so intriguing and special.

The History

Southeast Asia as home to some of the world’s oldest civilisations. If you do one thing here, make sure you go to Angkor Wat. You can spend days simply wandering through these temples. Of course, the pagodas in Bagan are also incredible, and if you’re willing to splurge, a hot air balloon ride at sunrise is one of the best ways to see them.

Of course, not all of the history here is pleasant. It’s well worth visiting some of the museums and memorials in the area to learn about the Khmer Rouge, the Vietnam War, and the bombing of Laos.

If you’re looking for a destination that’s easy to travel, exciting, memorable, and has plenty to offer, be sure to head to Southeast Asia as soon as you can.


Sick of dealing with long lines at the airport and early morning flights? Want to travel but hate the idea of constantly moving between cities, checking in and out of different hotels and packing and unpacking your bags?

If you want to see the world without the stress, it may be time to book a cruise holiday. Here’s why:

Keep your wallet in your pocket

Cruising is pretty close to a completely all-inclusive holiday. That’s because when you pay for your cruise, you’re paying for accommodation, transportation, food, and entertainment. You can even choose to prepay your gratuities, drinks packages, and excursions.

This means that when you’re on your cruise, you don’t need to worry about going over budget. You’ll avoid opening your wallet and can instead simply focus on enjoying yourself.


Make some friends

If you’re on a cruise with people from around the world, you’re guaranteed a social experience. You’re likely to make a bunch of new friends as you meet them while eating dinner, lounging by the pool, or enjoying an excursion.

Children get to make friends with kids their age in the kids’ club. If you’re single you may just meet Ms or Mr right, while couples can find like-minded friends to connect with. Meeting people is a large part of what travel is all about, and cruising is great for this.

Enjoy everything you need

There’s a reason why cruise ships are often called “floating cities.” You’ll find everything you could need on board, from satellite TV, cell service, to Wifi. Most of the time, you’ll also find laundry facilities, medical centres, room service, movie screens, restaurants, gyms, spas, and more.

Safe travels

If you’re new to travelling or you find certain destinations daunting, cruising can be an awesome solution. You’ll be able to discover plenty of exotic destinations, but the cruise line can also organise trips with English speaking guides. You’ll feel safe and enjoy peace of mind with many travellers all checking out the same city.

Choose your size

Cruise ships come in a variety of sizes, depending on whether you’re looking for a mega ship or a more intimate experience. You can choose a liner that will offer you plenty of entertainment or one that has fewer people and a more upscale atmosphere. Whatever your budget and preferences, you’ll find a ship for you.


Few things are better than hitting the open road on a cruiser. While there is no such thing as a bad motorcycle, some bikes are better for individual riders than others. If you are in the market for a new cruiser, you may have narrowed your choice to two manufacturers, Harley Davidson and Honda. To determine which cruiser is right for you, think about your riding goals.


American-Made Cruisers

For years, patriotic Americans preferred to ride Harley cruisers since Harley Davidson is an iconic American brand. Honda, of course, hails from Japan, far from the shores of the United States. Nowadays, however, the American-made argument carries less weight. In fact, both Harley Davidson and Honda assemble most of their cruisers inside the United States. If shopping from a manufacturer that creates American jobs is important to you, you can’t lose when purchasing either a Honda or a Harley.

Comfortable Ride

Cruisers are some of the most versatile bikes on the road. Not only do they deliver exceptional performance, they offer a comfortable ride. Since both Honda and Harley offer bikes of equal sizes with like engines, you get a similar ride on either cruiser.


OEM Parts and Aftermarket Accessories

As a serious rider, you don’t want to invest in a bike that is not easy to repair or upgrade. Because both Harley and Honda have a huge catalog of OEM-grade parts, you can easily replace damaged components on either bike. For the best selection of affordable parts, order Harley or Honda bike parts from a huge online seller, such as BikeBandit.com.

Whether you decide to purchase a Honda or a Harley, you really can’t go wrong. Since both manufactures feature iconic, innovative cruisers, whichever bike you choose is likely to be the right one for you. After you get your new cruiser, check out the extensive inventory of motorcycle riding gear at BikeBandit.com to be sure you are ready to tackle the open road.


Are you trying to decide on what kind of holiday to go on with your family? Perhaps you’re trying to decide on what kind of honeymoon you want to go on? Maybe you’re trying to decide what kind of holiday will be fun for you and a group of friends. It doesn’t really matter what kind of holiday it is, there are a ton of types of cruise holidays, making them a great option no matter who you are going away with. A cruise is a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck, a fun way to enjoy a relaxing trip without a ton of transfers and organizing required, and a nice way to feel like you have really had a holiday. Here are my top three reasons to book a cruise holiday this year:

1. Exceptional Value for Money
When you’re looking for a family or 4 or 6 it can be hard to have the buying power that cruise companies have. They’re buying on behalf of thousands or even tens of thousands of customers, meaning that they can offer unbeatable prices. Sometimes you can find cruise deals that are so cheap you may wonder how they’re even making a profit – well that’s not your problem! The important thing is that you’re getting a great deal and getting to visit a bunch of places that are interesting to you and your travel buddies.

2. An Easy Holiday
There’s nothing more stressful than a holiday where you’re spending more time unpacking and packing your bags than actually enjoying your vacation. Have you ever been on a crazy holiday before when you have something to do every day, a new hotel every day or second day, transfers every day with early tours every morning and not even a moment to pause and take a photo? While that’s all fun and well when you’re young and full of energy, it can be absolutely exhausting and by the time you go home, you often feel like you need another holiday to rest from the holiday you just had! A cruise holiday is so much more relaxing, you have plenty of time to enjoy the pool, spa, and all the wonderful activities the cruise has on board as well as the day trips offered! You’ll go home feeling like you are well rested and have actually been on holiday.

3. See a Great Variety of Places
The great thing about going on a cruise is that you’ll get to see a great variety of locations that could otherwise be pretty expensive to fly between. This, of course, depends on exactly where you choose to go, but if you choose the Pacific islands for example, where flights between islands are infrequently and particularly expensive, you’ll find that taking a cruise winds up being way more economical and you will get to see so many places. This is a great option if you’re short on time but want to see a variety of new islands whether in the Pacific, around the Mediterranean or even in the Caribbean.

Traveling on a cruise is one of those bucket-list activities that you have to try at least once. Just be warned you may find that you fall in love with it! If you’re dreaming of a vacation, why not book a tour and get excited for your next family vacation!