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If you’ve been thinking about trading in your car and becoming a motorcycle owner instead, you’ll soon learn that there are plenty of reasons why you should live this dream and buy a motorcycle.

Here are a few of the benefits of owning a motorcycle:


Believe it or not, but owning a motorcycle will actually put more money in your pocket. Consider how much you spend on gas each week, not to mention maintenance, car repayments, and wear and tear.

One of the great things about owning a motorcycle is you’ll probably learn to do a lot of the maintenance yourself, and you’ll be able to find parts and accessories like Pirelli motorcycle tires, bikemaster brakes, and more online at http://www.bikebandit.com/.


The environment

By now, we all know that we need to be working towards reducing our impact on the environment, and that means ensuring that we’re all leaving a smaller footprint. Compared to driving a car, riding a motorcycle is much more fuel efficient, and you’ll spend less time waiting for lights to change, meaning less time idling and fewer emissions.

Your health

Are you someone who has always wanted to own a motorcycle? If so, finally living this dream is likely to improve your mental health. Women, in particular find owning a motorcycle hugely beneficial, and a study by Harley Davidson found that while 16% of women who don’t ride a motorcycle said that they always feel happy, a huge 37% of female motorcycle owners said the same.

Owning a motorcycle is a great way to improve your self-confidence, and if you’ve been looking for a challenge, you’ll find that simply buying your motorcycle is just the first step- you then need to learn to ride, refresh yourself on the road rules, and learn basic motorcycle maintenance.


Studies have shown that even though we’re all constantly connected with our smartphones, many of us are feeling more lonely than ever. As we get older, we naturally move apart from friends we may have grown up with, as people go travelling, move countries, get a mortgage, and begin their families. This can mean that you have few things in common with the people who used to be your closest friends, and it’s not uncommon to have fewer than 3 close friends.

The motorcycle community is a great way to meet new people. Motorcycle owners come from all walks of life, and you’ll be meeting a wide range of people who are likely to welcome you with open arms. Newbies will find that this is an inclusive group of people who are usually happy to give you advice about riding and maintaining your bike, and a listening ear if you’re having a bad day.

As you can see, there are many benefits of owning a motorcycle. If you’re considering buying a bike, be sure to do your research, get some lessons, and reach out to more experienced riders for help and advice.


When was the last time you went away for a business or pleasure trip? How’s your wellbeing these days? If it’s been awhile since you traveled, and your sense of wellbeing has been better, the two may be more related than you think. Seeing new sights and meeting new people can be good for your emotional and physical health. Here are a few wonderful reasons why.

Brain and body benefits of travel

Going places can keep your mind sharp and your brain healthy. Breaking up your daily routine by Introducing new and novel experiences challenges your brain to form fresh memories and builds resilience to stress at a cellular level. For this reason, travel may actually decrease your chances of developing a degenerative disease, says The Chopra Center. Boosted cognitive stimulation via exposure to new faces and new places may improve memory skills and fend off dementia. Hurrying through airports, catching trains, and hauling luggage is great exercise the may boost heart health, too.


Traveling broadens your horizons as well as your perspective on life and humanity. When you go to a new place and meet new people, you put yourself outside your usual comfort zone. Sometimes, this may be odd at first, but it’s almost always guaranteed to open your mind to new experiences, foods and cultures. Some persons experience major epiphanies when they travel, and many artists and writers describe remarkable bursts of fresh creativity every time they travel. Seeing how other people live can inspire you to incorporate global thinking into your day to day routines.

Travel may increase your sense of connection with the world at large. When you’re in a new city and you ask a stranger for directions, you open a line of communication with someone you might otherwise never know. Even if you don’t speak the native language, interacting with locals on a personal level opens your heart and mind to understanding between diverse peoples.

Traveling can boost happiness levels

Challenging your usual boundaries and trying new things offers an ideal catalyst for wellbeing. Explore the natural and manmade wonders of the world to gain a whole new appreciation for cultures, civilizations and individuals. Traveling can ramp up your self confidence in an amazing way, as well. Learn about yourself when you learn about the world, says Huffington Post.

Make friends everywhere you go

Travel with a smile on your face, and you’re bound to see others smile back. There’s just something that’s soooo infectious about a friendly smile it’s impossible to resist. When you are kind to global citizens, they’re generally kind in return. Affording travel is easier when you carry a 18 month no interest balance transfer card everywhere you go.

Pack lightly, or take everything in your closet with you when you go. The point is to get out there and see the world. Doing so is sure to be good for your wellbeing.

Anna Duffy is passionate about travel and has carved out a career in travel as she helps people plan for once-in-a-lifetime trips. Her travel articles cover all destinations and topics no matter what age or stage you are at in your travel journey.


A cruise is a holiday that you can embark on all year round. Though the word might conjure up images of sun, sand and beaches, you should not feel restricted by time or location in your pursuit of a fun break. However, depending on when you choose to take on this adventure, you might want to pack accordingly. Here are our seven great tips for how to pack for a river cruise in winter.

Plan ahead
To get ready for your journey, it would be worth having an idea well in advance of what you may need to bring. This includes looking carefully at your itinerary and knowing what to expect from your holiday location. Your cruise expert, such as Imagine Cruising Australia, can help you plan, with their full breakdowns of their cruises. You can find a full breakdown of the trip schedule, complete with the duration of your stops. You should also look up the weather forecast for your holiday destinations as time draws near, as well as the average temperatures in that season. That way, you can be sure to know exactly what to be ready for.

Prepare for the chill
If you’re planning a river cruise in winter, you are bound to face some chilly nights, whether you are sailing through the delights of the Danube or experiencing the spirits of the Mediterranean. However, you should not let this stop you from spending an evening above deck watching the stars. It might feel strange to board a cruise liner with a winter coat, a scarf and gloves, a sturdy pair of shoes or a few spare sweatshirts; but, to ensure that you get the most out of your trip in the best comfort possible, it would not hurt to be prepared for the chill.


No such thing as too many socks!
This may sound surprising, but the unspoken hero of your winter cruise wardrobe may just be your underwear. Winter, no matter where your destination is, is very likely to be cold and wet, perhaps even icy and snowy! You might be surprised by a shower of rain, or wake up to a day freezing enough to see your breath. Should either of these occur, an extra pair of socks that dries quickly, some spare sets of underwear or even a good pair of thermals may be a worthy investment.

Dress in layers
Another way to make sure that you stay warm enough is to layer your clothes. USA Today’s Travel Tips say that “dressing in layers is the key to staying comfortable on a winter cruise” and suggest that you layer thin shirts and lightweight sweaters to ward off the chill. As well as being comfortable for you and giving you the option to remove a layer if you get too warm, packing to layer might also spare you the burden of bringing bulkier single items along on your cruise.

Have a range of clothing
As well as everyday life on the cruise liner, you should also pack comfortable clothes for planned stops and excursions throughout our river cruise. Exploring nearby cities or surrounding nature will require lighter, more durable clothing and easy-to-wear shoes. As well as this, either during a stop or on the cruise, you might plan to attend a special event and choose to bring some more formal attire. Many passengers do prefer to dress formally for dinner or selected pastimes, but you should pack for your personal desired level of comfort and for the activities that you wish to partake in.

If you are concerned about bringing too much luggage, but still want to feel that you have a choice of clothes on your cruise, you could look at bringing items that are easy to mix-and-match. This could include a pair of trousers or jeans that might suit any colour; short- and long-sleeved shirts; leggings, to go with longer tops; and a pair of comfortable but smart shoes. This will leave more space in your suitcases for any protection against colder weather—for example, coats or waterproofs—which tends to be bulkier.

Pack for the best cruise possible

Ultimately, what you decide to pack will go a long way in determining how happy and comfortable you are on your winter river cruise. If you pack with the aim of wholeheartedly embracing the experiences of this wonderful trip, you will be ready for anything!


The Southwest United States has long been a great place to take a road trip. This part of the country features numerous attractions, contrasting landscapes and many other highlights that are worth exploring. If you take the necessary means to keep your car in good shape, you should be able to tour the Southwest without any problem.

Stunning Landscapes

The Southwest is made up of incredible landscapes that have been shaped by the hands of nature. The iconic Grand Canyon in Arizona is an ideal place to go rafting along the Colorado River or take a ride on a mule across the rugged terrain. You can also drive through the vast Mojave Desert and explore areas like Death Valley and the Red Rock National Conservation Area. California’s Mount Whitney and Colorado’s Mount Elbert are ideal for hiking and climbing. Driving through the New Mexico portion of the Chihuahuan Desert will give you the chance to see a variety of plant and animal life that can commonly be found in a desert climate.


Beautiful Coastline

California borders the Pacific Ocean and is home to some of the country’s most iconic beaches. If you take a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway near Los Angeles, you will pass by picturesque waterfront communities in Malibu and Laguna Beach. Farther north in California you will find the beautiful beaches that make Carmel and Monterey desirable places to visit. Other beaches that are worth visiting include Pismo Beach, Morro Bay and Point Sierra Nevada Dunes Beach.

Major Cities

Many of the major freeways in the Southwest connect to major cities that can add even more fun to your road trip. San Francisco is an art and cultural mecca and continuously attracts visitors from around the world. Glamorous movies stars and iconic landmarks are what make Los Angeles special. Las Vegas is home to immaculate casinos and some of the world’s greatest entertainers. If you plan on driving through Arizona, you can stop in Phoenix or Tucson to experience the finest aspects of metropolitan life while being surrounded by desert.

Intriguing Ghost Towns

Some of the Southwest’s ghost towns are accessible by car and offer a glimpse into history. The town of Kelso, which is located near California’s Kelso Dunes, features an old depot that is open to the public. Berlin, Nevada, has stood since the end of the 19th century and was once a mining town. While technically not a ghost town, Tombstone in Arizona is sparsely populated and includes a downtown district that resembles something out of the Old West. If you plan to drive to any of these towns, you will want to keep your car in good shape to avoid breaking down in a remote area.

Fun Parks Galore

The Southwest boasts a variety of amusement parks that provide a day of fun for the whole family. Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios can all be found in Southern California and feature thrill rides and kid-friendly attractions. Castles-n-Coasters in Arizona includes a looping roller coaster, miniature golf course and go-kart track. You can also find plenty of fun at Lakeside Amusement Park in Colorado or the Circus Circus Adventuredome in Nevada.

Taking a road trip in the Southwest United States is one of the best ways to go sightseeing on the open road. If your vehicle is well-maintained, you will have a better chance of exploring the Southwest without running into any problems.


Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City or even Macau – these are the places of the world with some of the most grandiose, luxurious casino resorts ever built. Surrounded by glitter and fame, built with grandeur and entertainment in mind, these places attract millions of tourists – gamblers and non-gamblers alike. These resorts are the largest, most luxurious, and most attractive in the world – but they are not the most beautiful. To see the most amazing gambling destinations of the world, you’ll need to seek out the cradle of the gambling industry: Europe.


Gambling in Europe

Europe’s policies on gambling are very different from what people experience overseas. On one hand, land-based gambling is far less ambitious than in the US. Apparently, European players prefer smaller, more casual environments to massive resorts with thousands of rooms and millions of visitors built around gambling. On the other hand, online gambling is a regulated industry in Europe, which makes gambling itself more casual and convenient remotely.

To make the experience as lifelike as possible, European online casinos offer their players Live Casino online solutions. This combines real life gambling with the convenience of online casinos, allowing players at the All Slots Casino to play their favorite games with a real dealer, still without having to leave the comfort of their homes. The All Slots offers its players many other options, ranging from free games to massive jackpots, live games and casual mobile games to play with. This makes gambling itself more convenient and accessible for the European player, and reduces the need for massive gambling complexes to be established.


Gambling and more

Gambling was traditionally a preferred pastime for Europeans. Nobles and commoners were known to play a variety of gambling games, some of them serving as a basis for today’s most popular casino attractions. The places where Italian nobles convened to gamble and feel good were called “casinos” (meaning small houses in Italian), and the term stuck.

The oldest building to house a casino also happens to be in Italy – in Venice, to be exact. The Ca’ Vendramin Calergi was originally a palazzo built for a local noble family over 500 years ago. Over time, it served as a home of distinguished persons (like the composer Richard Wagner, who died among its walls), before being bought by the City Council of Venice and transformed into the winter home of the Casinò di Venezia. Built alongside Venice’s Grand Canal, the building stands out with its beautiful interiors, murals, and chandeliers.

One of the most beautiful spa resorts in Europe is, without a doubt, the Kurhaus of Wiesbaden. Built in the early years of the 20th century, the art nouveau complex includes not only bath houses and convention centers, but concert halls, restaurants, beautiful gardens, and the Wiesbaden Spielbank, with the largest roulette limits in Germany. Visitors can not only enjoy the resort’s thermal baths, but participate in a series of events held at the facility that serves as Wiesbaden’s convenience center.

Last, but not least, let us mention one of the most famous gambling establishments of the world: the Monte Carlo Casino. It is a gambling and entertainment center that includes not only the casino, but the Grand Théâtre de Monte Carlo, too. The casino got its current form after its expansion in 1880–81. Although it was remodeled several times, most of its original facades and decorations remained intact, making it one of the most beautiful Beaux Arts style buildings in Europe.


The great outdoors can be so beautiful and so much fun, with epic adventures and breathtaking scenery to feast your eyes on when you head out into the country and leave the city behind.

There are also plenty of apps available that help make planning your trip and getting the most out of your outdoor pursuits, much more enjoyable, and possible safer too.


Head for the hills

Camping is a hugely popular activity for people of all ages and if you have decided to go hiking and set up camp, there are plenty of apps around that help you to plan your journey , and maybe even sleep more comfortably.


Before you set out on your adventure, it is always a great idea to get a handle on what sort of weather conditions you are likely to be facing. Download a free live weather app, and you can get it on Google Play, so that you are prepared for whatever the weather is likely to throw at you, or even to check if the sun is going to be shining for you.


Yonder is another app worth considering, as it allows you to share your experiences and hear what others suggest, when it comes to outdoor experiences.


Although Yonder is primarily a social app that allows you to interact with like-minded people who are keen to share the best camping spots and trails with you, there is also the chance to see what is worth exploring in your chosen area.


The joy of stargazing

There is no question that one of the most memorable aspects of spending a night in the great outdoors, is the chance to look up at a stunning night sky and do some stargazing.


If you want to get the most out of that activity, there is a stargazing app that allows you to use your camera as a window to the galaxy that you are viewing, by instantly annotating relevant constellations.


Obviously, this facility will be specific to your location, so with your data roaming turned on, the app will give you a quick astronomy lesson relevant to the constellations that you are gazing directly at.


It does cost to download the pocket universe app, but it should improve your knowledge as you gaze at the stars above you.


Navigation and survival

You always hope that you don’t end up getting lost or into any sort of difficulty while hiking, but it is always best to be prepared for any eventuality.

It is worth looking at some survival apps, so that you get some useful first-aid information delivered to your phone, as well as strategies on how to survive in the wild until help arrives.


You should also be able to find some navigational apps that allow you to download your chosen route offline, so that if your GPS signal goes, you still have the trail information available on your smartphone.


The main thing to remember is that if you are heading outside on an adventure, there are apps to help you every step of the way.


Elizabeth Andrews enjoys being in touch with nature. Walks along the beach, gardening, hiking and looking after her animals. She writes about her love for nature and being outdoors in her articles.


Thinking about your next vacation? If you’re in the process of taking some time off of work or going for a long weekend, you’re going to need to pack the car and get ready. Don’t worry about having more than a few days off; a weekend is all you’ll need. A lot of travelers are finding that they can get some adventure in on the weekend. This can be just as fun and relaxing as a longer journey.


Getting the Car Ready 

Many companies are giving less vacation time and that is changing the way people are going out. At the same time, budgets are going down and people are looking for better ways to go out and have fun. With this new abbreviated vacation, people have to prepare and think about a lot of new things. For example, what are you going to do with the car?


You might not be able to take the old car out for a weekend getaway. For those of you in the new market looking for something more suitable that can handle a long-range journey. An aptly titled name, the Dodge Journey will do just that. There’s a lot of value in taking both a weekend trip and a longer one. Whichever one you do find yourself on; a good car will be more than helpful.


Benefits of a Quick Trip

Going out on the weekend is much easier than going out for a full week or more. It’s a huge time commitment that is hard to plan out and can fall through. Shorter trips on the other hand are easier to take time off and you can add them along with a holiday break for a few more days.


Aside from your initial expense for a car, you’ll have to worry less about expenses for transportation. Weekend getaways are much closer and you don’t have to pay for the cost of a flight either.


On the weekend you’ll be able to check out more than one place in a quick few days. Travelers who go on multiple trips throughout the month are able to check out more places rather than just waiting on one long trip every year or few times a year. A long weekend is much more adventurous and you’ll be able to cover more ground than usual.


Exciting Thrills

The anticipation for a weekend trip is something that will get you through the whole workweek. Some of the benefits of a vacation are the time leading up to taking the trip. Your well-being will be increased and enlightened before you go off on your weekend getaway.


Make sure to get good rest during the week and pack your bags. After a few of these weekend trips over the year, you’ll start to see the benefits just adding up. The more adventurous you get with your car, the better the trips will be. Get packing for a good old time.


Emma Johnson is a keen writer who jots down her ideas and thoughts all over the web, even forming a fully fledged article or three on her passions; technology and travel.


Traveling by train is not only a quintessentially European experience but also one of the smartest travel hacks that every globetrotter swears by. The large rail network that criss-crosses this gorgeous continent is well-connected, convenient, affordable, and adventurous. It eliminates the need for standing in check-in lines, security lines, and boarding lines. When you travel by train, you get the opportunity to pass through remote towns with picturesque views of Europe instead of being confined to one seat with one view.

Slow travel is the best way to discover Europe, connect with its culture, and gain more than just a run-of-the-mill tourist experience. With International Rail’s Interrail Global Pass in your hand, you can visit around 30 European countries. It is the perfect travelling companion for a spontaneous and carefree traveler who is open to new experiences.


Here are some of the must-visit places in Europe:

The French Riviera: Located on the glamorous Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France, the French Riviera is a resort town surrounded by pristine blue waters and beautiful hills. You can spend your days exploring Nice, Cannes, Eze, Antibes, Cassis, Monaco and St. Tropez.

Cotswolds: A 2-hour train ride from Paddington Station, Cotswolds has plenty to entertain travellers of all ages. Situated in south central England, it is home to several heritage sites, historic houses, rolling hills, lush gardens, and famous towns.


Rome – The capital city of Italy is a perfect blend of modern life and ancient culture. Art lovers, make sure you see the Renaissance art collection at the Galleria Borghese, the world’s largest basilica at St Peter’s, and the 15th century the Palazzo dei Conservatori museum.

With special discounts for young adults under 25 years of age and senior citizens over 60, train travel with a global rail pass is a great option for everyone. If you are traveling with family, you can save a lot of money on international train tickets as children between 4 and 11 years of age can travel free with parents! You can tailor a tour as per your needs, alter it during the course of your holiday, and discover unexplored places. Alternatively, you can also buy single country rail passes if you wish to explore only one European country at a time.  The additional perks of these flexible rail passes include discounts on selected ferries, hotels, hostels, museums, and other local transportation services.




You look forward to your family vacation all year long. You and your family decide on where you’ll go, what sites you want to see, and what type of accommodation to stay in. But, as well as the planning, you need to think about what to pack. It’s no fun if you forget essential items, especially if they will be expensive, or unavailable, at your vacation venue.

Packing is an area where a list is essential. Making the list is a matter of tracking the items you and your family use during a normal day, together with any extras you’ll need when traveling. Here are some tips to help you choose what to pack for a family vacation.


Your daily needs are the same at home as they are on vacation. You need toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, diapers, clothes, prescriptions and vitamins, phone, and money. Many of these items come in travel sizes, so if your trip is short enough, invest in the smaller versions to save some space.

As you are creating your list of essentials, start to plan the amounts you’ll need. This will depend on whether you can replace items that run out, or do laundry along the way. There are some items that you don’t want to run short of, such as prescription drugs and baby food. Either research where you will be able to buy those items or take enough to cover the whole time, plus a few extra days.



You will have to pack toys and other activities for your kids, so why not take items that are compact, yet entertaining? For babies, a tummy time mat, such as the Treetop Friends by Skip Hop, is the perfect travel toy. An adorable owl provides a soft pillow for baby while also encouraging the development of motor skills. Your baby can play with the adorable attached toys, which have fun textures.

For older kids, life is easier, with the number of apps and activities that come with a tablet. You can download videos, games and books to keep kids of all ages engaged. Plan ahead for charging the items by investing in power sticks, and be sure to pack the power cords.

Travel apps are great, but they can be difficult to use when you are walking around, and many won’t work without an internet connection. The whole family will benefit from a travel guide, so buy one from a used bookstore. It may be a couple of years old, but major vacation attractions don’t change much. Tear out the pages of the book that you need for your trip and just take those. If you don’t want to tear up a book, then plan to leave it at the last accommodation you stay at, so you can create a bit of extra space (and less weight) in your luggage.

Some extras

The last part of your packing list will include things you need especially for travel. This will be items like passports and visas, international drivers’ licenses and reservation confirmations, a good camera, electric current converters, a first aid kit, travel snacks, foreign currency, plastic bags for dirty clothes, and headphones.

You also need to think about the gear you’ll need for the vacation venue. If you’re going somewhere cold, you’ll need outwear and gear like ski boots and snowboards. For an outdoor trip, you’ll need things like suntan lotion and swimsuits.


Where it all goes

Once you have gathered your items, you’ll need to sort them. There are many items you’ll want nearby throughout the trip, such as travel documents, diapers, and your phone or tablet. You should also carry your first aid kit and a change of clothes in carry-on luggage because kids are messy and sometimes boisterous. Chargers are expensive to replace, and not always easy to find, so put those in your carry-on luggage.

It is smart to pack for the whole family in each bag, rather than having one suitcase per person. If you pack well, you can work out of one or two suitcases at a time, rather than having a bag for each family member taking up space. Also, if you are checking bags and one of your suitcases is lost, you will still have essentials for everyone.

Your family vacation is going to be fantastic, no matter what happens. Remember, it’s about spending time together as a family and getting away from your regular routine. Include your family in the packing process, and enjoy your trip.


A lot of people love taking to the open road and cruising through the streets. When you take an off roading vehicle off the streets it becomes an entirely different and thrilling experience. One of the biggest aspects of freedom through driving is hitting the open road and traversing through the dirt, grime and everything in between. There are plenty of great places throughout the continental United States and Canada you can make your own personal driving playground.


Taking the Drive

One of your most important pieces of equipment is your vehicle. It is the entire linchpin of the operation and what is going to get you cruising. You’ll want to have a vehicle that can handle the open road and anything it throws at you. A Jeep Wrangler is one such car. There is no better car where you’ll be feeling safe off road and in good hands.

It’s a versatile vehicle that will prepare you to turn up those headlights in the dead of the night or take a daytime plunge into an almost otherworldly adventure. There are a few things you should do to prepare yourself to explore. First off, make sure that the gas tank is filled up to the max. Prepare to have an extra pair of tires and supplies if the going gets tough. All of this should be a given if you’ve been off-roading before.

A good automobile is essential in adventuring. Now we’ll want to find some great places to go driving to see what you can handle and the new places you can claim you’ve been to.


Across the States

Arizona is a prime place to get driving. Almost anywhere you’ll be able to find a solid trek through the mountainous region or incredible off road trails. Make sure you’ve got yourself backed up with a good four-wheel drive. Redington Pass is one place that is a great spot and is right outside of Tuscon.

We’re going to take it up north a bit, dependent on where you live, you’ll want to know about places all around the country. Sometimes it is fun to have a preliminary road trip to your destination. Other times it is nice to settle down right by your place of residence.

In Michigan, there’s a great place called Silver Lake Dunes, Michigan. The state is popular for its sand dunes and this is just one of many. It’s recommended to go out during the summer months to avoid any winter. That is a different type of driving entirely on another level.

Canada Trails

The amount of trails in Canada could fill a tome of voluminous weight. One that stands out for us is the North Copper Logging Road in British Columbia. It is close to Thornhill and isn’t for the faint of heart. You need to know what you’re doing to take this on. Overall, you can find that there are far too many trails to ever hit in one lifetime. But the challenge to conquer them all is up to you off road warriors.

Louisa Krett lives with a technology challenged husband! She writes about technology and a range of other topics including parenthood in her articles that appear all over the net.