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If you want to attract lots of visitors to hiking trails, a website is one of your best tools. A good website made for this purpose will tell people where the hiking trails are, describe the hikes in detail and list any other relevant information.

Purpose of Website for Hiking Trails

There are many possible reasons to build a website about hiking trails.

  • A hotel, bed & breakfast or AirBNB can highlight hiking trails to attract visitors.
  • Government agencies and nonprofit organizations dedicated to nature can use a website to educate people about hiking trails in a certain area.
  • Someone organizing a MeetUp group for hikes can refer members to the site.
  • If you have a travel website, you may want to build a separate site to describe hiking trails in the area you’re covering.

Now let’s take a look at the steps necessary to create a new website.

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Choose Your Platform

When building a website, you first have to decide what approach you’re going to take. If you don’t want to get involved in programming the site yourself, you have several choices. You can hire a web designer. While this is always a viable option, it’s not really necessary. It’s not that difficult to create a high quality website made for a simple purpose, such as educating people about hiking trails.

You first need web hosting and a domain. Shared web hosting can be found for around $5 per month. Choose a domain, which will be the URL of your website, that describes the area or hiking trail on which you’ll be focusing. The site should have a name that’s easy to remember, such as XYXhikingtrails.com.

You have the option of using the website builder supplied by your web host. This will give you a choice of templates and layouts and allow you to build your site using a point-and-click system. For a hiking site, you’ll want to substitute any stock photos with photos of the actual location.

Another option is to use WordPress. You can easily install WordPress in a few clicks by following the instructions supplied by your web host. WordPress is a good option in that it’s beginner-friendly but also lets you add many advanced features. For example, you can add plugins to make the site more secure and SEO-friendly or to add functions such as galleries, membership sites, online stores and much more.

Once you’ve set up the website, you can start adding content. Don’t get overwhelmed by this task. You can start with a few pages and add more later on.

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Organizing Your Site

A website dedicated to hiking trails must be informative and well organized. It should contain a good balance of images and text. The size and style of the site depend on how much information you need to share. For example, do you have to describe a large number of hiking trails or only a few? Here are a few points to keep in mind.

  • Post plenty of photos, especially of scenic spots and key features of the trails.
  • Creating a separate page for each hiking trail makes it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for.
  • Be sure to include practical information about the hiking trails. This includes level of difficulty and any landmarks hikers will pass. If the trails are only open certain hours, mention this. If the trails are hazardous or closed during certain times of year, let people know this as well. Be sure to mention rules about dogs. Some trails prohibit all pets while others permit dogs as long as they’re leashed.
  • Describe any other activities available along the trails. This may include biking, camping, fishing or boating. List any amenities such as picnic areas or restrooms that are available for hikers.
  • Mention basic hiking facts for beginners. This includes how to dress, what to bring and to avoid straying from trails. If you don’t want to write up such information, you could always link to another informative site.
  • Provide clear directions to the hiking trails. You can use a tool such as Google Maps for this. For each trail, you should have information about parking, nearby landmarks and proximity to highways, airports and public transportation.


Let the World Know About Your Website

Once you create a new website, make sure that your audience can find it. You might send a link to other websites that could benefit from this information. For example, if you’re describing hiking trails in a certain area, a large hotel or resort nearby might want to publish your link on their own site. This will help you get traffic. You might offer to exchange links with non-competitive enterprises for mutual benefit.

You could also write about your website in relevant groups or forums dedicated to hiking or travel. If you want to make your site more popular, you could add features such as a blog or forum where people can share ideas and experiences about hiking and related topics. Post links to your site on Facebook and other social media sites.

A website dedicated to hiking trails can be useful for people who are looking for fun and challenging places to hike. Building a website is not difficult if you do it in a step-by-step manner.


Available to you, for as cheap as London’s ‘narrowest house’ (a measly 99 inches wide), is a remote island situated along Scotland’s west coast. A recent £100,000 cut from the asking price takes the island to a more affordable £450,000. The island boasts a contemporary house, exclusive beaches and picturesque landscapes.

Located nearby is Sir Paul McCartney’s Scottish manor, the spacious 19 acre island was initially put up for sale in summer 2015 for £550,000 – a real bargain, bearing in mind the seclusion, beautiful scenery as well as a famous musician as your neighbour. Although, after receiving minimal attention in the previous six months, the price of the island has been lowered by £100,000.


The island possesses a rural and endearing accommodation with a stunning surrounding panorama and ocean views – what’s not to like? It seems the most appealing feature of the island is the plot of land itself, a romantic walk starting at the private beach next to the lagoon ensures you follow the outskirts of the island – at points seeing all the way to Jura, and Northern Ireland. This island is on the market as ‘the best answer for those looking for an island on a smaller budget’ whilst suggesting to be ‘affordable for island dreamers’ at a reasonable price.

This exclusive property is a contemporary design with a twist, inside wooden beams and a panelled interior gives the house a cosy feeling. All bedrooms have their own en suites and better still all rooms have unbelievable scenic views thanks to the unique architecture.

Wait, there’s more! For those who enjoy wildlife and animals, it is rumoured that seals bask on the southern rocks of the island, otters live on the coastline and dolphins are spotted convoying local fishermen who catch lobsters.

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life this potentially is not the right choice for you. To reach Scotland from the island the only mode of transport is via a private boat to Gigha, a neighbouring island with a minute population of 110 people, before a ferry trip to the mainland which with bad weather can take up to two hours… Unless the investor has a private helicopter.


For a similar cost as this island, in Edinburgh’s glamorous Merchiston you could perhaps afford a three bedroom apartment. Or maybe a dubious flat in London. Be that as it may, if the rustic lifestyle is your cup of tea, this seems a flawless piece of property. Find more on the UK’s leading online estate agent.



The coming of the Internet has opened limitless possibilities for people to explore their passions while making a living at the same time. While running a travel agency, we need to advertise our services beyond our physical borders. We need to appeal to potential clients to sample and enjoy our services and at the same time inform our customers on our new services. With high traffic on our website, we can generate income in two ways; revenue from customers enjoying your services and advertisements on your site. In this article, we outline strategies that would be put in place to ensure that your website is profitable.


Identify your niche

The travel industry is consistently growing. Therefore, it is important to ensure that we identify an area that would give us an advantage over competitors. This requires hard work, passion, and determination. The first step is to stick to one area that you understand plainly well. For example, you may decide to set up a website and talk about boat travel rather family trip.

When choosing a niche, there are fundamental questions you need to ask yourself. Do you enjoy your niche? How well do you understand what you are writing about? Is the general public interest in the niche increasing? What are some of the aspects your competitors missing from their website?

Create a clever name

The great question asked is, what is in a name? For a travel site, it is important to identify and use a name that resonates well with your potential clients. The naming of the website should come immediately after identification of its niche. The name of your website should be short, memorable and catchy. To avoid duplication, ensure that a name you choose does not exist and is not in use. The name identification process demands that you should be creative to come up with a name that would make an impact. Use all available options to in coming up with the name. You are free to consult as wide as possible.

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Host your website

For you to have your website online, it is a MUST that you host it. Web hosting ensures that your website goes “live” and can be accessed by clients from any location over the Internet. It is not expensive to host a website. Some companies would do it for as little as $2 per month. A web hosting company will provide you with the bandwidth to ensure your website is accessible to your clients and followers. They also provide storage space for your images, text (emails) and software. A host will also provide you with support services to ensure your website downtime rate is reduced.

It is prudent to undertake research before you decide to host your website. You need to research and identify a host that will provide you with many benefits, regarding costs, space, quiet downtime, etc. Conducting due diligence ensures you derive maximum utility from your website hence more profitability.

Integrate social media plugins

Being active on social media ensures your website reaches out to a wider audience. Some social media plugins that are commonly used includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The social media plugins enables you to insert the social media icons on to your website and enable users to share posts you have made. Accessibility for social media accounts should be provided to your readers and audience. With this in place, you can ensure all social media users are happy and are regularly updated on any activity on your website.

Develop appealing content

Once you have identified your niche, got a good name and hosted your website, it is now time to start writing content to be consumed by your readers. Content is what appeals readers and nothing less. This is what draws traffic to your website. It is the reason why many people will visit your website or avoid it. When content is appealing, traffic will be high, else there will be few visitors to the website.

You need to engage your readers by writing about your experiences rather than providing general information they can easily find anywhere. Personalize your comments and allow your personality to come out clearly. Keep your comments brief because most readers do not have enough time to read through your website posts. While running your website, add value to your content by providing practical examples, involving readers by asking them to take a poll online, suggest that during their free time they read more. Finally, be consistent with your posts and content. You need to ensure that you create a schedule on when you will deliver new content. Stick with the program and don’t fail your readers.


Get perfect pictures

Great photos are the major ingredients for travel websites. Your readers need to experience what you are telling them through the pictures. When traveling across the world, capture outstanding photos consistently and share with your readers. You need to consider investing in purchasing a good camera which takes incredible pictures. In some cases, you may need to spend resources and enroll for photography classes to deliver breath-taking and classy pictures. This would be the selling point for your website.

Strategize to make money

Before you think about making money, you need to ensure that you have religiously followed the step mentioned above. Money is a reward for strictly following the outlined steps above. You need to establish your website and ensure that the website is attracting traffic. You can make money by using contextual marketing, affiliate opportunities, sale merchandise, and consulting, etc. There are so many possibilities that may be used to earn money from a website.


Setting up a profitable website is not a difficult thing if the processes mentioned above are adhered to. Failure to attract will lead to tragic effects for the website. As mentioned above, you need to carefully identify a niche that would give you advantage over competitors while at the same time allowing you generate income from the same.


For most women, it’s easy to become a little intimidated by the constant advertising we see on buses, in magazines, on posters, on the TV and social media. Before you know it, you’re spending all of your money on clothes and shoes and you quickly realise that you don’t actually wear half of what you own.

Here are the five types of shoes every woman needs (especially those trying for more of a minimalist wardrobe).


High Heels

Whether you enjoy wearing them or not, you probably do enjoy how they make you legs look long and toned and “pop” your butt out. The trick is to avoid buying multiple pairs of cheap heels and instead invest in one or two pairs that you can wear with anything and that will last for years.

A pair of black heels is a staple, and the height will depend on your comfort level and how well you can walk in them. Another good choice is a simple nude colour so between the two you should have a pair that will go with most of your outfits and be suitable for weddings, job interviews, funerals, dinner out, and any other event where heels are expected.


Every woman should own a good pair of comfortable boots. If you live somewhere where you get a lot of rain or snow you’ll want to make sure these are waterproof, while those who have better weather may choose a simple pair of Uggs. There are so many different lengths and colours available that it can be tough to choose which ones are best. Typically, you want to have higher heels and longer boots for nights out, while shorter heels and boots work well with most daytime outfits.



Ladies sandals are the best shoes to take with you on holiday, since you can choose between so many styles and colours and they work well both during the day and at night. A nice pair of sandals can look great if you don’t feel like wearing heels, and these are the types of shoes that usually won’t break the bank so you can buy a couple of different pairs and ensure all of your outfit choices are covered.


For those who want to wear high heels without all the pain, wedges are the answer. They’re far more supportive and comfortable than most high heels, and can give you height without losing most of their comfort. Wedges are perfect with your summer outfits (think jeans and a cute top or a maxi dress), and are a great option if you’re taking a cruise or sightseeing and still want to look cute.

Break them in before you wear them and you’ll be able to wear them for hours without needing a break.


Flip flops

Flip flops have come a long way, and now come in a variety of different colours and styles. Whether you’re just hanging out around the house, running errands, or taking the kids to the park, flip flops are an easy, comfortable shoe choice for summer and are also great for camping trips (to use in the showers) and on holiday.


When it comes to online hosting options, I’ve noticed that figuring out what type of hosting solution is right for me can sometimes be a hassle. There are a few different server hosting options available, and they can vary drastically in both their performance and function. Today I’ll be going over two of the most popular options, dedicated server hosting, and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. These two hosting options are fairly different technology-wise but are used for similar applications.


Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is exactly what the name implies. Using dedicated server hosting gives the user exclusive access to a complete physical server. What this means is that (depending on the hosting provider), they’d be able to manage the server’s hardware, and control the server’s storage. This would allow them to have the server upgraded if necessary, or to easily add custom server software.

Dedicated servers are usually more powerful than other alternative hosting options. This means that they can handle more traffic or host more data. Which can be especially useful if the user has a website that gets a lot of visitors, or if the server manages a large amount of data.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a little more complicated. A VPS is a specially designed virtualized environment that runs server software and shares hardware and storage with other virtual servers. This means that a server would be hosted on a system with multiple other servers that share the system and its resources.

A VPS generally isn’t as powerful as other hosting options, but they’re also usually cheaper and will still work just fine for hosting stuff like websites. In addition, the virtual private servers that are sharing a physical system will never directly interact with each other. Each VPS is isolated in their own virtual machine.


Which Should You Use?

So now that we know what a Dedicated Server and a VPS are, we can look at the factors that should be considered before deciding which one is right for the user’s needs. There are quite a few important factors that should be considered before coming to a decision.


By far the most important factor to consider when deciding between a dedicated server and a VPS is the server’s configuration. The server’s configuration determines how powerful the server is, and what kind of upgrades are possible. For example, some dedicated servers will have a lot more available memory than any VPS. This means that they can handle far larger loads than a VPS could.

If a server application requires large amounts of memory to run effectively, or if a site has a very large amount of traffic, then the extra memory available with a dedicated server can be important. But if the only thing being hosted is a simple site that only gets a few visitors, then it will need very little memory. There are also other configuration factors to consider, such as the processor’s speed and the operating system.

Storage and Bandwidth

Storage capabilities and network bandwidth are also important factors when deciding on a server hosting solution. Storage space is comparable for both VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. The main difference being that storage on a VPS is divided among the other virtual servers on that system.

As for bandwidth, there’s usually little difference between a dedicated server and a VPS. But with a dedicated server, the maximum available bandwidth will most likely be higher, and the bandwidth will be exclusive to that server, whereas with a VPS, the bandwidth is shared amongst the other virtual servers on that system. While this isn’t usually a problem, if there’s a lot of bandwidth usage on one virtual server, all the virtual servers in the system will be affected by it. This can be a real problem if a VPS on the system has a sudden surge in bandwidth usage, which could slow down all the servers on the system.

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Flexibility can be important for sites that have varying amounts of visitors or that require server upgrades often, such as a site that’s growing rapidly. When it comes to flexibility, VPS hosting is the best there is. What virtual servers lack in raw power and performance they more than compensate for in flexibility and scalability. Due to the nature of virtual servers, a VPS can be easily scaled and upgraded by simply allocating more of the system’s resources to it. The VPS can also be easily downgraded during slow times when it’s unnecessary to spend more on server resources that aren’t being used.

Dedicated servers are both more difficult, and more expensive to upgrade. They also have far more room for upgrades, as the system isn’t shared and one server can use all of the system’s resources. But in order to upgrade a dedicated server, hardware will have to be manually added or swapped out, which makes it more costly to upgrade. This means there will have to be downtime during upgrades.


Cost is by far the biggest factor to consider. There is a very noticeable difference between the cost of a dedicated server and a VPS. Virtual private servers will often cost far less than a dedicated server with a similar configuration. Which means that a VPS is a far more viable option for small businesses or individuals.

A dedicated server will cost a lot more than nearly any VPS, but the extra price may be worth it for the extra reliability, better performance, and extra room for upgrades.


There are a lot of differences between a dedicated server and a VPS, but which is better? It depends on what type of website or server will be hosted, and what kind of loads it’s expected to take. If it’s an important website that you anticipate will get a lot of traffic, you may need the performance and reliability of a dedicated server. However, if it’s something like an e-mail server for a small business or simple data storage, then a VPS may be the better choice, because of the lower cost and ease of use.


Whether you’re an introvert who likes to spend time at home alone, you’re trying to save money so you’re reducing the amount of time you spend outside of the house, or you’re just too lazy to get in your car or use public transport to go somewhere, there are plenty of ways you can have fun at home.

We live in a world where technology continues to make huge strides, keeping us connected and allowing us to both work and have fun from anywhere. Here are some ways you can have fun at home:



This may not seem like that much fun…until you see the many different ways you can workout at home. You don’t even need weights or machines, and instead can use your own body weight to get in a great workout and have fun while you’re doing it. Try a program like Insanity or Jillian Michaels, or jump on YouTube and see the many different types of workouts waiting for you with motivated, fun instructors.

Play games

The internet is a wonderful thing, and you probably know that there are plenty of websites devoted to social media, travel, and news. But did you know that you can actually gamble and play casino games online? Take a look at Super Casino and you’ll see the many ways that you can have fun without leaving the house, and potentially make some money while enjoying yourself.



You may not be the type of person who actually enjoys cooking, but if you embrace it wholeheartedly and tell yourself that it’s a skill you can learn, you may just change your mind. Facebook is currently full of those little videos that pop up on your feed when your friends share them, and if you watch a few you’re likely to get inspired. For those who like to cook or bake, there are so many incredible ways to make delicious food that you may just find yourself embracing a new hobby without even leaving your house.

Invite friends over

What’s better than socialising outside the house? Socialising at home! If you don’t want to leave, convince your friends to come to you and decide to have a games night, barbecue, movie night, or a day of doing nothing in particular. Most people love spending time at their friend’s houses since they’re not spending money, they can be themselves, and they don’t need to worry about getting dressed up.


Start a blog

Do you have a unique point of view that you’d like to share? Maybe you’ve learned some interesting lessons throughout your life or you want to connect with people. Starting a blog is a great way to have fun at home, since you’ll find yourself becoming a little obsessed with the many ways you can connect with your readers- through the comments, social media etc. Whether you want to write about finance, travel, lifestyle or politics, there’s always someone who will enjoy reading what you have to say.


If you’re a woman, chances are high that you’ve worn a pair of high heels at least once in your life. But you may find them almost impossible to walk in or hate wearing them due to the pain they cause you.

Did you know that high heels are actually causing huge problems to Australian feet? A recent study showed that high heel injuries are rising, with injuries doubling between 2002 and 2012. You’re also more likely to have an accident while wearing your heels than if you were playing sport, and bunions, hammertoes and osteoarthritis are also common occurrences in women who can’t get enough of their high heels.

Walking in heels is unnatural, since it decreases the ability of your ankle to hit the ground first, building tension in your leg and keeping your calf muscles extended. This means that your calf muscle fibres will often be shorter and so will your hip flexors. Since your knees are bent, your pelvis will rotate forward which further impacts your back, causing you to lean backwards in an unnatural position.

And for women who constantly wear heels, you may find that your foot becomes so used to them that it actually hurts to wear flat shoes.

So how can you ensure that you walk in heels correctly and wear them safely?


Give them a test-drive

If you’ve purchased high heels for a special occasion, give them a try at the supermarket. This will allow you to balance on the trolley if you need to and you can get your feet used to wearing the heels in a place with a lot of space. You’ll also be able to try different movements as you pivot, bend and stretch to grab things off of shelves.


Keeping your balance in high heels can be tricky, but you’ll find it much easier if you have a strong core. Try yoga or commit to lifting weights a few times a week, along with cardio and plenty of stretching to keep your muscles stretched and comfortable. 

fashion-person-woman-feet (1)

Sit as much as possible

This goes against everything we’ve been taught about moving throughout the day. That’s why it can be a good idea to wear flats into the office so you can get lots of movement into your day while catching public transport. Once you have your heels on, sit whenever you can to give your feet a rest and allow you to relax.

Customise them

There are now so many ways to reduce the pain from wearing heels, that it makes sense to take advantage of new technology. Once you’ve taken them for a spin a few times and you know which parts pinch and rub, you can then insert gel pads, foot cushions and rub relief strips to make sure they won’t be painful when you’re wearing them all day.



The online gaming industry has been transformed by technology, however many people are unaware just how much the industry has changed since gaming first went online.

In just over a decade, games which were once only available in casinos have now helped online gaming to develop into a multi-million dollar online industry and you can even try your luck playing slot machine at netbet.

People of all ages and ethnicities are spending time online and engaging in rewarding and challenging games. The industry was initially male-dominated, but the demographics have expanded year after year to include more women and older age groups. Females gaming online have increased by more than 80% in Europe and many older people appreciate the chance to play online, make new friends and potentially earn money- all without leaving the comfort of their own home.


Antigua and Barbuda first allowed operators to get a license for online gambling in the 1990’s, so players could spend money playing online. Under the law, organisations could offer slots, poker and other popular games online. However, gaming software wasn’t exactly functional, so Microgaming Software Systems revolutionised the online gaming industry when they developed gaming software which was both functional and faster.

The next problem was finding a way to ensure that players could enter in their payment information online without the threat of being hacked- a problem that Cytologic solved by developing encryption software.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the industry, especially in the United States when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed by Congress in 2006. This law basically prevented most Americans from gambling online by making it illegal for credit card companies and banks to process transactions if they occurred on online gaming sites. While some states have since legalised these games, it’s still very much up to the individual state.


New Jersey has done particularly well out of online gaming, and by 2017 it is expected to be generating more than $463 million. The United States as a whole generated around $41.4 million in online gambling profits last year.

Online gambling is a right for adults in Europe, and has long enjoyed the profits associated with gambling on the internet. In the United States, established businesses and casinos have been complaining and protesting about losing money due to many people preferring to gamble from home. The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling are trying to convince Congress to make the websites illegal and are even hiring consultants and lobbyists to further their cause.

The main argument that the coalition is using is the idea that online gambling websites increase the chances of users becoming addicted to gambling, although this has actually been proven to be a fallacy by Harvard, which offered research papers showing no link between addiction and online gaming.

The only question for an industry which continues to grow year after year is what will be next? Evidence shows that mobile gaming could very well be the “next big thing”, so it will be interesting to see where the industry goes in the future.


For many people, Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year. And while it’s a great excuse to catch up with friends and family, to eat a little too much and relax, it can also be a very stressful experience.

Along with food shopping, decorating, deadlines at work and excited kids, you also have to ensure that you get everyone a gift, and that those gifts are thoughtful.

Here are some ideas for gifts for your loved ones this Christmas:

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.com


Wine is a great gift for those people you don’t know too well, and also close friends and family. A good bottle of wine can be opened at the Christmas table or saved for a special occasion, and it’s always a welcome gift. Check out the chardonnay from Advintage if you’re looking for a good white wine to give friends and family this Christmas.


Chocolate is similar to wine, and at first it can seem like the kind of gift you give those people who you don’t really know. But if you have a chocoholic in the family, this could actually be a very thoughtful gift which will be saved for a rainy day.


Your Services

This one may seem a little strange, but if you’re great at something, donating your services can make a great gift. Do you have some childcare experience or are you just plain great with kids? Offer to look after your friends kids for a night so they can go out without having to pay extravagant babysitting costs. Are you an amazing cook? Give your friend a note saying they can call you next time they’re planning a dinner party. These are gifts which will be helpful throughout the year, and are a great way to save money as well as give something worthwhile.

A Class

Does your friend or family member have a passion that they haven’t yet explored? Maybe they’re been wanting to learn a language, an instrument, or how to cook? Or perhaps they’re interested in something a little different like cake decorating or woodwork. If your special someone has been talking about starting a new hobby or class, why not be the person who helps get their foot in the door and sign them up to a class? Of course you’ll need to check their schedule, so you may want to talk to their significant other first, or you could see if the class offers and “open enrolment” so they can choose their own time and dates.

If you’ve been wanting to try the same skill, or want to spend more time with your loved one, consider signing up to the same class so you can spend some quality time together and have some fun once a week. Who knows, you may just find yourself discovering a new passion as well.

One of the most important things to remember about the holidays is that they’re not about gifts. Your friends and family members are sure to be appreciative of any gifts you give, since it really is the thought that counts.



There’s something magnificent and decadent about casinos that make us all love them. Unique architectures, history, wins and losses, lifetime stories – there’s so much to love about a casino that you don’t even have to actually like playing the games.

If you have been wondering which are the most famous and amazing casinos in the world, you have come to the right place because following, we have put together a list of some of the top ones – the ones you really, really want to see.

If travel isn’t on your agenda for this year, why not play some great online casino games. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the thrill of casinos without the expensive plane tickets, accommodation costs and long transits. The online casino games at casino.com can be a lot of fun and you can play online against the computer or other people. If you’re planning a trip, why not make sure you stop by one of these amazing casinos!


Grand Lisboa, Macau, China

The world is full of stunning places – and this casino is most definitely one of them. Glamorous and magnificent, the Grand Lisboa casino rises 58 floors above the ground – and it does it in grand style indeed. A true masterpiece of modern architecture, this casino will awe you – so brace yourself because it’s very likely that you will want to spend at least a few minutes to come back to your “senses”. Shaped like the bulb of a flower and embraced by lights and style, the Grand Lisboa casino is something you simply don’t want to miss out on!

Tusk Rio Casino Resort, Klerksdorp, South Africa

Few places in the world are more exotic than this. Imagine a casino inspired by the colorful Rio Carnival that’s not located in Brazil, but in one of the most exotic places on Earth: South Africa. Luxurious, beautiful and covering more than 266,000 square feet, this casino is a treat both for the eye (and for those “craving” for luxury and opulence) and for both who genuinely enjoy a good game of chance. Definitely worth visiting!

The Venetian Macau, China

This is the biggest casino in the world – and although its architecture may not be as “unique” as Grand Lisboa, it is definitely something that will leave you in awe. Everything about this casino screams “grandeur” and “style”. Inspired by Venetian architecture and covered in the most splendid lights, the Venetian Macau casino and hotel resort covers more than 10,500,000 square feet (yes, that number is real, not a mistake). Now, that’s man-made beauty at its very finest.


Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut

Jumping to “the other side of the world”, you may not be surprised that the US has its fair share of magnificent casinos. However, not all of them are located in Las Vegas – and the Foxwoods Resort Casino is one of those places that prove it. Spread across 340,000 square feet, with thousands of game machines and hundreds of table and poker games, this casino is an absolute must-visit for anyone passionate about casinos and the glamorous “aura” they are so gorgeously covered in.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Of course, it’s no wonder that you will find many fabulous casinos on the Old Continent either. And it comes even more natural that you will find one of the top ones right in Monaco – the epitome of luxury, grace and European beauty. Designed as a French palace-style building, Casino de Monte Carlo will genuinely make you feel that luxury is truly at home in Monaco. A real beauty to visit.