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Most people would like to earn a little cash on the side, to build up our savings, cut down on debt, and maybe even launch a new career.

If this sounds like you, but you’re not sure where to start, here are some ways you can make money in your spare time:

Bet on Sport

Betting on sport is fun for two reasons- you get to watch some of the best sports teams in the world as they go head to head, and you’re also financially invested, making it even more fun since you have more to lose depending on which team you’ve bet on. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, check out SBOBET Indonesia, which has the the Premier League Odds in Asia, and you’ll be able to tell which teams are the best for you to bet on and potentially win some cash.


Create a side hustle

If you have talents that you could use to go freelance, why not make 2017 the year you do it? The good thing about this idea, is it will usually involve using skills that you use in your day-to-day work life, like writing, design, software development, working as a virtual assistant, or something else that you can do from home. Another reason why this can be the best way to go to earn money in your spare time, is you may find that you’re so successful that you can eventually quit your 9 to 5 and take your side hustle on the road as your remote job. This will allow you to literally work from anywhere- including your bed or even a beach in Southeast Asia.

Try Gambling online

Since the rise of online games, many people seem to like the idea of having fun while cooking, watching the kids or just when lying in bed. Why not play and earn money at the same time and try online gambling? Its a great way to destress and feel as if you are in Vegas – virtually. If you are hesitant where to begin, you can click here to take a chance and you’ll never know maybe lady luck is at your side.

Sell some stuff

We all have extra stuff lying around the house that we never use. This is the reason why great sites like Craigslist and eBay are so popular, and you may find that you can create quite a large stream of income simply by selling things that are no longer useful.

Whether it’s that couch you’ve always hated, the artwork that’s expensive but you don’t like, or electronics that you never use, setting up an account on one of these sites and listing your stuff will only take a few minutes, but it can be well worth the cash.

If you’re particularly skilled with arts or crafts, you may find that your talents can also make you plenty of money in your spare time. This is especially great if you would spend your free time knitting, crocheting, or doing any other kind of handiwork anyway, since you’ll be able to relax while also raking in the cash.

Check out Etsy, which is popular with craftsmen and women, jewellery makers, and many more people who sell their items worldwide.

As you can see, there are plenty of great ways that you can make money in your spare time. If you’re desperate for cash, don’t panic- you may just need to think outside the box and use your talents.


Every year when the new year ticks over, many people around the world start thinking about their new year’s resolutions. After all, a new year is a fresh start and a great way to get started doing those things you’ve always wanted to but never get around to. The most important thing you’ll need in order to be able to keep to your new year’s goals is the reason why: the motivation for wanting to try that new thing, give up that bad thing, or completely overhaul your lifestyle. Without a strong focus on the reason why, you will find yourself easily distracted, giving up, or just simpling failing to see the real benefit to yourself. Here are my top 5 new years resolutions that you will actually want to keep:

1. Learn Something New
I think it’s important no matter your life stage to keep learning and to continue growing. With the Internet, Youtube videos and a wide assortment of amazing apps, you can learn about almost anything for free or very low prices when you consider how much it would cost to get that wealth of knowledge before the invention of the Internet. Free learning apps cover a wide range of subjects and will appeal to almost any one of any age. If you’re searching for a new hobby, why not download a top education app and begin to learn Science from the comfort of your own home.
2. Get Active
If you focus on losing weight, you may find yourself frustrated if your results aren’t quite what you expect one week. You may also find it stressful dealing with normal, healthy weight fluctuations. I personally find fitness, overall energy and health to be much more achievable goals. Getting active is a wonderful way to improve your cardivascular health, energy levels and mood too! Choose a hobby that is active and feels like fun, that way you wont even notice that you’re being healthier and it will be easy to stick to.

3. Track Your Finances
You can’t change what you don’t measure, well maybe you can but it’s definitely a lot harder. Tracking your finances is a sure-fire way to keep on track with them – bad pun intended – and ensure that you’re only spending what you really need to, and to help motivate yourself to be more frugal and mindful with your money. It’s one of the best ways to save money as when you hold yourself accountable to the cent, it’s a lot harder to spend. Whether you’re hoping to save for a big purchase like a new car or even a home, or something a little more manageable such as an overseas holiday, being aware of what you’re spending will make all the difference!

These are my top 3 new year’s resolutions you’ll want to keep. Do you have anything you’d like to share with us today?


Is your money situation holding you back from living the life you want to live? Millennials graduated with the most student debt and the worst job prospects, which is why such a large chunk of this generation are now finding that their finances aren’t allowing them to do the things they want to do.

If you’re ready to get your finances (and life) back on track, here are a few tips to make the process a little easier:

Know what you have to work with

It can be depressing when you check your bank account and know you’re not where you should be financially. But if you want to save money, you need to be able to create (and stick to) a budget.

You can use a notebook or a spreadsheet, or check out some of the many different apps available to help you set a budget (some can even track your spending and help you invest your change).


Learn to say “no”

Boomers like to say that if millennials gave up the lattes and avocado toast we’d all own our own homes. Never mind the fact that it was a lot easier to own a home (even on one income) when they were ready to get into the housing market. But there is a little truth to this advice- sometimes, you just need to ignore the FOMO and say no to the things you can’t really afford.

Luckily, there are plenty of fun things that you can do at home. Netflix is a top choice, or you can try your luck playing online games at https://www.asiancasinotop10.com/id/. If you really feel like being an adult, why not invite some friends around for a low-key dinner at home? Get everyone to bring a dish and you’ll all get to hang out without blowing your weekly entertainment budget in one night.

Understand your money pitfalls

All of us have a few things that make us spend more than we should. Whether it’s online shopping, dining out, investing in the latest kitchen gadget, or hitting the spa. It’s ok to treat yourself occasionally, but these things shouldn’t be the things you turn to when you’re having a bad day or week. Instead, hit the gym, vent to a friend, or go for a run to get rid of some of that frustration.

Pay yourself first

We’ve all heard it before, but it’s true. Once you’ve paid your bills, you need to immediately transfer your savings into your savings account. If you wait until the end of the week it’s unlikely that you’ll have anything left to transfer.


Sometimes the particulars of running a business – specifically running a business and filing taxes correctly – can be a bit confusing. Turbo Tax offers free tax tools that greatly simplify the process. This is especially true when you get into the exceptions regarding things like Employer Identification Numbers (EINs). For the most part, if you run a business in California then you will need to have a California EIN number. While there are one or two exceptions to this rule, they truly are few and far between. And when it’s so easy to fill out an IRS tax ID application, why risk it? Let’s look at how you can go about the application process.


IRS Tax ID Application        

“Simple” is probably not the word you often associate with the IRS, and for good reason. Sometimes getting things done through them can be lengthy affairs. When it comes to completing an IRS tax ID application, however, there are services that can help. IRS-EIN, for example, is a great option that manages to take the application process and streamline it into an easy to understand form that can be completed quickly. They can help you get a California EIN number fast, in other words, sometimes as soon as the same day your application is received.

Check Tax ID Number Status

If you already have an EIN (tax ID number), you might be wondering how to check tax ID number status. There are various options. From calling the IRS to contacting your bank and asking them for the number you supplied when opening your bank account, do not fret – it is absolutely possible to recover your EIN should you have lost it or forgotten it.

Do you need to complete an IRS tax ID application in order to obtain your California EIN number? If so, allow IRS-EIN to help! They can make the experience quick and painless.



Who doesn’t want to live by the seaside? Personally I find it so relaxing to go to the beach whenever life is becoming stressful. I love watching the waves crash into the shore line. It’s also an excellent place to pass the summer months with your friends and family. There’s two large universities here, an excellent nightlife and a whole host of great cafes including numerous that are offering ample gluten free options.

If you’re a business owner, you may struggle a little to get mail delivered to your clients in Brighton, the rest of the UK and overseas. One thing you can do to minimise the hassle is to invest in an address verification tool to ensure that the addresses your clients are inputting are correct and complete. This will save you a lot of hassle down the line.

Still curious as to why people are flocking to Brighton? Well in a recent survey it was shown that people from Brighton are the most proud in all of Britain of where they live, bursting with #PostcodePride.

Here are some of my reasons that Brighton is such a great place to visit:

1. It’s Eccentric
Anything goes in Brighton and you may find people dressing with a little more flare than elsewhere in the UK. People here don tattoos, piercings, and outfits that may surprise you. But it’s really cool: it’s nice to see a place where there’s so little discrimination against what you’re wearing and there’s a lot of freedom to express yourself.

2. Great Cafes
There’s a huge cafe movement in Brighton which is great because I love to start my day with a strong cup of coffee. Many of the cafes cater to different needs such as gluten intolerance, vegans, and there’s a huge range of milks usually on offer for those of you who are avoiding drinking dairy products. The food is excellent and you’ll find yourself spoiled for options.
3. University Town Feel
There’s a lot of youth here, which makes it feel really alive and vibrant. For many of Brighton’s students, once their university days are over, there’s a strong desire to stay living in Brighton because the lifestyle here is just so great. Because there’s so many students who flock here, there’s always something on at night, no matter the day, ensuring it’s a great place to party as well.

No matter whether you’re planning a move to Brighton or just hunting for your next holiday destination, it will offer you an incredible experience and probably have you hoping you can stay forever!


I don’t know about you, but some weekends I just don’t want to make plans in advance. Then, by the time the weekend finally arrives, I end up bored and wish I has made plans earlier.


Luckily, I have a whole list of things that I like to do that keep me entertained while ensuring I have a good time all weekend. By the time I return to work, I feel nice and relaxed and I’m ready to get cracking.


Here are a few fun things you can do if you’re bored this weekend:


Play some fun games online

If you haven’t yet heard of Book of Ra, I’m about to open up a whole new world for you. This game is ridiculously fun, and there are also a bunch of other interesting and exciting games that you can try.

One of the great things about playing these games is you can actually win real money- so not only are you having fun, but you could be making money while you’re hanging out at home in your sweats.


Get writing

If you’ve always wanted to write a book, but you keep putting it off, now is your chance. NaNoWriMo is just a few months away in November, so now is a good time to begin your first novel, or at least get a few of your ideas down.

If you’re not planning to write a book, but you need a creative outlet, why not try some freewriting or journaling? Writing can also be extremely helpful if you’re looking for a chance to work on your attitude- write a gratitude list next time you’re feeling down, and see how much better you feel afterwards.


Meal Prep

Ok, ok, this is unlikely to be the most fun you have all weekend. But you’ll have plenty of time for fun through the week when you don’t need to cook or eat out, and instead have healthy, delicious meals waiting for you. Meal prep doesn’t need to take all weekend either- head to the supermarket, grab a few things, and you can even enjoy some free time playing games or reading a book while you’re waiting for some of it to cook. Trust me, one week of pre-planned home-made meals ready to go, and you’ll be a meal prep convert.


Catch up on Netflix

Let’s face it- we were all thinking it. I’m not a huge TV fan, but I will admit that the occasional weekend of binge watching while eating snacks is good for all of us. Of course, this shouldn’t be something you should do every weekend, but if you really need to chill out, invite a few friends around for a movie marathon or start a new series with that special someone this weekend.


If you think that someone can hack your phone, you feel uncomfortable, and want to know how to prevent, if possible, loss of any sensitive information. But can someone really hack your smartphone? Unfortunately, our phones can definitely be hacked- but there are steps that you can take to protect yourself. For instance downloading a antivirus for your mobile. Here is a bit more on phone hacks and how you can keep some of your information safe:

Network Hacking: The United States has a common network shared by mobile providers called CCSS7. If a hacker can triangulate your approximate location, he or she can use your phone number as an identifier and hack into the network- which is used for calls and text messages.


Malware Hacking: While network hacking is pretty nasty, it is also pretty limited. This is where malware comes into play. In most cases malware can get onto your phone while piggy backing on an app that you desire, or through an unsecured internet connection.

What You Can Do: One of the most important things that you can do is download a free antivirus app from a reliable source, like Google Play for Android, or from the Apple Store if you have an iPhone. Both Apple and Android security has increased in light of the increase in hacked phones over the recent years, and your phone will definitely have more protection if you take advantage of the features that these companies offer. In addition to downloading a reliable antivirus app, you should practice good information safety- avoid sending sensitive information like passwords or account numbers over text, and be vigilant about checking any accounts that are linked to your mobile device to ensure that nothing is amiss.

While it is possible for your phone to be hacked, you do not need to be a victim. If you do everything in your power to protect yourself and remain vigilant, you can help stop trouble before it starts- or at the very least, know when something is amiss and minimize the damage.


Summer is the season for travel – the kids are out of school and the weather is beautiful! Some of us choose to fly, attend a cruise, or take a leisurely trip on a train. Most of us opt for car travel. No other form of travel quite parallels the freedom and spontaneity that a road-trip allows, which makes for an exciting trip!

That being said, when you’re diabetic, you’ve got a couple of things to consider and prepare for prior to setting out on your summer adventure to ensure that you don’t encounter undesired blood sugar inconsistencies, risk to your health, and a halt on your summer fun.

We’ve compiled five tips to keep handy when packing for your next summer travel journey that are sure to have you well equipped should you notice inconsistencies in your blood glucose levels that need attending to.

1. Keep Juice, Sugary Snacks, or Glucose Tablets Handy to Ward Off Low Blood Sugars.

Nothing can ruin a promising road-trip like feeling ill, or worse yet, a trip to the hospital due to severely low blood sugars. In order to avoid low blood sugar and a damper on your travels, be sure to keep handy pre-packaged juice (single serving portions are great for travel), sugary snacks (candy bars, chocolate, etc.), or glucose tablets at all times. If your blood sugars drop below your target blood glucose range, be sure to reach for a sugary quick-fix to restore optimal blood sugar levels.

Protect Yourself, Get Checked!

2. Take Breaks to Stretch Often.

Whether you are diabetic or not, it is important to take frequent breaks to stretch. Stopping to stretch increases circulation in your extremities, ensuring proper blood flow and lowering risk for pain, blood clots, and fatigue. It is recommended that you stop to stretch every couple of hours for approximately 20-30 minutes to achieve optimal break-time benefits.

3. Test Your Blood Sugars Each Time You Stop to Stretch.

Checking your blood glucose level often is the first line of defense against inconsistent blood sugars, giving you the opportunity to restore your levels to your target range, preventing illness and health risk all together. Make a habit of checking your blood glucose levels each time you stop to stretch. Making blood glucose monitoring part of your routine will not only ensure that you get to maintain health and enjoy your trip, it makes it easy to implement into your day.

4. Pack Healthy Snack Options to Avoid Fast Food Consumption.

Fast food is loaded with simple carbs and sugars that are guaranteed to cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and a subsequent crash that results in low blood sugar levels. These inconsistencies can pose a significant risk to your health and well-being. Avoid the risk altogether by packing a cooler full of healthy diabetic-friendly snack and/or meal options to satisfy your hunger during your trip. If you are getting an early start to your travels or traveling through the night, be sure that you do not skip breakfast on your road trip. You can find healthy options at fast food restaurants such as oatmeal, fruit cups, parfaits, etc.

5. If You Begin to Suspect Low Blood Sugars, Pull Over Immediately.

The most important thing you can do to ensure a safe and enjoyable road-trip is to pay attention to your body’s cues and how you are feeling. If you begin to experience symptoms of low blood sugars, pull over immediately and choose a suitable sugary quick-fix (juice, candy, etc.), or take glucose tabs to restore blood sugar to a safe level before proceeding on the remainder of your trip.

Taking a road trip with friends or family can be a fun time for everyone. Don’t let your diabetes get in the way of stopping you from enjoying this experience. Test often, eat healthy, and take breaks.

Happy roadtripping!

Author Bio:

Matt Schmidt is the co-founder of Diabetes Life Solutions and Diabetes365.org. Matt’s father was diagnosed with diabetes and their journey to try and find affordable life insurance for Matt’s diabetic father was a tough one. He decided that no one with diabetes should have to go through that journey and has since been helping find life insurance for diabetics at affordable costs.


If you’re like most people, you may find that you never quite seem to have enough spare time. Unfortunately, we often get so caught up in work and family commitments that it feels like we’re blinking the months away.

However with some serious time management, you can fit in many more things throughout the week, grow your skills, increase your health, and have more fun.

Here are some fun ways to use your free time this year:

Gamble online

One of the great things about gambling online is you can do it whenever you have some free time. Those days where you’re too tired to go out after work but you’d like to do something fun are excellent opportunities to enjoy yourself and make some money while relaxing on the couch.

You’ll need to find the best online casino for you, as there are so many different casinos available, all with different games and rules. Another great thing about gambling online? You can practice before you get serious and bet real money. That allows you to get used to the rules and determine your limits and strategy.


Do some dating

It can be hard to meet people, especially when you’re always working and busy with other commitments. But there’s no need to resign yourself to a life of spinsterhood and cats. If you’re considering jumping back into the dating pool, install Tinder. Sure, there are a lot of people on the app who are just looking for a hookup (nothing wrong with that, you do you), but many people have met the love of their lives on Tinder as well.

The trick is to actually meet up with the people you’re interested in in real life. And be open to a wide variety of people- try to read some profiles before you simply swipe.


If you have some vacation time built up, it’s time to use it. Studies have proven that employees who take time off are more productive and relaxed. You’ll also be able to see the world, learning about new cultures, meeting new people, having amazing experiences, and returning to work motivated and ready to get back into things.

If you’re worried about the money side of things, you’d be surprised at how much you can save by cutting down on a few simple things like coffees and dinners out, clubbing, buying new clothes, and more. Sure, you’ll need to make a few sacrifices, but when you’re choosing between a coffee at Starbucks and a gelato in Italy, it’s an easy choice.

Get smart

What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to learn or become better at, but you’ve been putting off? Whether you’ve been meaning to start learning to code for months, you’ve wanted to learn Spanish for years, or your math skills are simply embarrassing, it’s never too late to start learning. Just think, a year from now and you could have greatly improved your skills.


Unique websites leave good impressions on visitors, they look professional and reflect high quality products and services. If you’re building a new blog or site, consider upgrading from the standard icons and buttons that most websites use, by using a creative icon set from the web. While some icon sets come with expensive fees or require subscription services, these 10 super-creative icon sets will spruce up your web interface totally free.

1. Web Browser UI Elements

This icon set works well for any website’s navigation menu. It includes back, forth, reload, bookmark, settings, for all basic functions your users may need to perform. You can use this free icon set to bring design conformity and ease-of-use to your site. Use the Web Browser UI Elements icon set to replace your navigation menu on mobile apps or versions of your site, or to give your full site a more modern look.

2. Emoticons

In the spirit of emojis and social media icon sets, this free icon set will bring a social-friendly, modern look to your site. The icons work great on mobile, and can used for navigation buttons, or perhaps more fittingly, actionable buttons. This set includes smiley faces, and faces for other emotions ranging from anger to curiosity. These icons also make great stamps and conversational icons if you have a forum or blog comment area that allows users to insert icons.


3. Simple Icons

This self-described simple icon set works great on two-color web interfaces, and lends itself to blogs, journals and magazines quite well. It contains copy, paste, volume, and expand buttons, which is useful if you are displaying media contained within text-based articles. The Simple Icons set contains PSD files that scale up nicely to fit any display size.

4. Black and White Icons Pack

These icons make great buttons for settings, submenus, and actions on web interfaces. They are simple, black and white in design and match any color scheme. They include weather, nature, science, and general icons. These work great if you want to start a blog or website with news articles or reviews.

5. Colorful Ficons

This icon set is made using Photoshop vectors, so you don’t have to worry about losing image quality if scaling to larger sizes. This is really convenient for larger screen sizes, and sites that use icons rather than textual menu buttons. The icon set includes 42 artful icons, ranging from ice-cream cones to shopping carts. Consider using this icon set if you want to start a blog that reviews Amazon products, or if starting your own online store.

6. Business Icons

The Business Icons set contains a .psd file with scalable, business-oriented icons. This icon set is great for building a unique web interface because the icons are in pastel, muted colors. This works well with food service, family-friendly, religious and holiday based sites and blogs. Use this icon set to set your business apart on the web, and show your creative side. It includes icons for calendars, tools and settings, printing, emails, and expanding graphs and charts.

7. IconToucan

The IconToucan icon set is unique in that it allows you create your own customized set online to download only the icons you need. This set includes icons for business and personal use, and has pretty much the same artistic range as most iPhone and Android icon keyboards. This includes check marks, charts, smileys and conversational icons. The icons in this set are vector images and will work with any HTML or CSS website or blog, or even your mobile app.

8. Socialico

This icon set is designed for social media websites, and sites that want to get shared on social platforms. It includes two-color, modern icons representing all of the most commonly used social media sites. Install this icon set to let your users know how to share your content on specific social media platforms. The icon set works as a font pack as well, making it easy to implement on your site, right from the HTML editor, and can be used locally on your machine as well.

9. Retro Volume 1

This retro-style icon set will create a unique interface for your users. It works great on gaming and media sites, or any blog or website where vintage, antique or retro technology is discussed. It uses vector image files to ensure you can scale the icons to larger or smaller size as needed without getting choppy, pixelated results. This set has icons depicting cameras, storefronts, compasses, clothing, and more.

10. Freepik

If you’re looking for something more than just basic two-color icons, give the Freepik icon set a try. The included icons look 3D, and have multiple colors and intricate design features. There are icons in this set for social media, contact pages, cooking, automotive, and more. The Freepik icon set catalog contains 11,000 icons, all free for use on your website or blog.

If you’re going to start a blog or new website, consider using an icon set that matches the theme on your site or business. This can be just as important as choosing design elements within your color scheme. Unique icon sets look great on mobile too, as they can more closely resemble buttons found in popular mobile apps. Creative icons give your site a more customized look, and relays to clients that you put thought and care into every detail.