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Some people find going to the gym a daunting task, or they may not want to commit to a long-term membership that they know they won’t stick to. With these tips, you can no longer use a lack of gym membership as an excuse to be lazy so lace up your running shoes, put on your workout gear and get going.

 1.    Find a boot camp

A boot camp such as Prestige Boot Camp is a great way to find a network of people who are all working toward the same goal as you. This means that you’ll always have someone by your side to stay motivated while getting a great workout either in or outdoors. Whatever your preference, you should be able to find a boot camp that operates in or outdoors.


 2.    Embrace the outdoors

Exercise doesn’t always have to be done inside a gym. When the weather is looking good, get yourself outdoors for a run around the block or train in a park and use the equipment available to strengthen your core, improve your endurance or gain muscle.

 3.    Work out at home

There are so many workout tutorials available online that you can use to exercise regularly at home. One of the most popular fitness activities you can do in the comfort of your living room is yoga because all you need is your body and a mat. At home, you can work out to whichever level you choose which makes it an appealing choice for many.

 4.    Try a fitness class

No matter your level of fitness, finding a class in the area where you live shouldn’t be difficult. Fitness classes can be specialised for weight loss, toning up, gaining muscle or improving strength and endurance and can provide you with support from others in the group.

 5.    Challenge yourself with stairs

Jogging up and down stairwells is a great cardio workout that you can do without stepping foot on a treadmill in the gym. Try running 6-12 flights of stairs as fast as you can, for as many times as you can with three minutes in between. Do this three to four times a week to keep on top of your weekly cardio regimen.

 6.    Turn household tasks into a workout

The key to turning your household chores into a workout is by focusing on those that will burn the highest calories. Scrubbing and vacuuming can be made into a fun workout, especially if you put on some upbeat music to accompany it. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

 7.    Head to a park

Parks are full of things that you can use just as well as gym equipment. To train your upper body, head to the monkey bars for some pull ups or use benches to work on your core. The trick with a park is to be creative.


When journeying around the globe, you could naturally be eager to make regular calls to family and friends. After all, those people could be sticking to their usual routines in your home country and, therefore, enthusiastic about being often updated about what you are up to. Only the cost of such calls could deter you from wanting to make them; however, you have a range of options if you would like to make these calls inexpensively. Here are some of the most appealing.

It’s possible to make phone calls via the Internet

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, there is an impressive range of communication apps in your device’s app store. Many of these apps enable you to make inexpensive calls. These won’t be, so to speak, “traditional” phone calls; you won’t need to tap in a succession of numbers and, when making international calls, take account of any country code.

However, you would be fundamentally achieving the same end result: using your phone to talk to someone. These apps will transmit your voice not over traditional phone networks, but instead the Internet. Therefore, you don’t even need to use your device’s cellular connection; instead, you can use a Wi-Fi network, which may be free-of-charge in an outlet like a retail store or cafe.

pexels-photo (1)

What apps are available for making Internet-based calls?

With an iPhone, your choice of these apps includes Apple’s FaceTime. While this is best known as a video calling service, it can still be used for voice-only chat. However, FaceTime still has various drawbacks. For instance, it is strictly on Apple devices – meaning that using it to connect with non-Apple devices isn’t possible. Furthermore, if you do know that the intended recipient has an iPhone, they would still need to have FaceTime switched on before they can receive your call.

Alternative apps that allow voice chatting across a broader range of platforms include Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp, both of which are hugely popular across Apple and Android devices. In either app, you would make a call by heading to someone’s contact page and tapping the phone icon at the top-right of the screen. That person’s phone would then start ringing.

Is there a better alternative to these apps?

Nonetheless, there remains much to be said in favour of calling people through dialling phone numbers rather than tapping in an app. Business Insider points out that, should you attempt to stick to the latter method, “the other person has to have the app in order for it to work.” Therefore, there is a need to “plan ahead if you’re travelling and make sure people you want to be in touch with have the right apps.”

However, you could still make conventional phone calls while trimming the usual expenses of doing so. When in the UK, for example, you could set up an account with Planet Numbers; this would allow you to make cheaper international calls from phones in that country. You wouldn’t need any PINs or even SIM cards.


If you’d love to become a professional travel blogger, you’ll have to learn the necessary steps that will help you launch, grow, and improve your travel blog so that it eventually becomes a moneymaking success story.

You see, many travel bloggers unfortunately have a tough time turning their passion into a paying gig.

But if you implement a set of proven secrets, and use them to their fullest, you’ll be able to create a travel blog using WordPress hosting that’s fun, interesting, and very engaging.

And when you do this right, you’ll grow your audience tremendously in a relatively quick time frame.

Are you ready to learn the biggest travel blogging secrets for success? Let’s dive in without further delay.


Travel Blogging Success Secret #1: Focus on Building an Audience First

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge, you’re probably raring to go and ready to make money with your blogging efforts.

More than likely, you have phenomenal Hawaii tours and other interesting and exciting vacation destinations that you’d love to promote in an effort to make a living from your travel writing.

Guess what?

Immediately promoting products right out of the gate is the wrong way to get started.

How so?

Well, you really won’t have any readers in the beginning anyway, but the few people that do find your blog at the start aren’t going to be very impressed if you quickly start promoting products from the get-go.

If you ever intend to achieve real, lasting success, your main focus should be building your audience first, turning them into rabid fans, and then you can ask them to buy products and services that you promote.

Do you see the value in this approach? Good.

So let’s focus on building your audience from here on out.

Travel Blogging Success Secret #2: Creating Useful and Engaging Content

If you take only one thing away from this article, please try out this website writing tip first and foremost. Because it’s the most effective way to build an engaged audience.

How do you create useful content?

For starters, you have to take some time to do a little research.

Find out what people are looking for. Find out what travel related questions are being asked online. And then write engaging content that would be helpful and useful for your target reader.

It’s very easy to find helpful travel related questions that people are asking on the Internet.

You can use the search engines to discover them, become a member of online forums, look at websites like Quora for travel related questions, and spend some time digging through the travel subreddit to find tons of helpful ideas and questions.

Why go through all this trouble?

This is what your readership is asking for.

If you create content using this formula, and it’s valuable, long form, and engaging, the search engines will pick you up, more readers will start noticing you, and they’ll be very happy with your detailed and thought-provoking answers to their questions.

Travel Blogging Success Secret #3: Build a Bigger Audience through Guest Posting

Lastly, if you haven’t already started guest posting on other popular travel blogs, it’s time to start doing so immediately.


Your readership is already visiting these blogs each and every day.

It’s probably the easiest way to build an audience that will follow you over to your blog and start reading your content on a regular basis.

If you are going to guest post – and you really should – you must create helpful, interesting, and entertaining content that people will love.

If you create drab, dull, and boring content, they’re going to disengage from your post and never follow you over to your blog.

So make sure any and all of your guest posts are exciting and interesting.


To become a successful professional travel blogger, you need to build your audience first. If you can do that and do it effectively, you can then start promoting products and services that your readers would be happy to buy.


Author Bio

Wendy Dessler

Title: Super-Connector at OutreachMamaWendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Youth Noise NJ who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition. You can contact her on Twitter.


Europe is a diverse continent with a lot to offer, and choosing from a variety of European cruises could be the easiest way to conquer it! You don’t have to worry about catching a flight and instead can leisurely sail along the ocean, discovering what Europe has to offer along the way. Here are 5 of the most enjoyable activities…

Walking around Pompeii

The ancient city of Pompeii is Europe’s most important archaeological site. The city has been preserved by the lapilli from Mount Vesuvius that erupted in AD 79. So, today you can walk down an ancient Roman street, look around a millennia old house and visit the local markets that the Romans used way back when. Tickets for adults are around €11, and if you love history, it’s the perfect activity for you.


Diving into the past in Malta

Malta offers cornflower blue water perfect for diving. It will give you a chance to swim amongst marine life, in and out of underwater caves and due to the heavy bombing these waters suffered in World War II there are a lot of shipwrecks to be explored.  If you’re an adrenalin junkie or an explorer at heart, this would be an ideal activity.

The Eiffel Tower

One of the most famous pieces of Architecture, the Eiffel Tower is as spectacular in reality as it is on the big screen. You can book tickets in advance from as little as €7 with the option to walk up the steps or get the lift all the way to the top bother off spectacular views Paris. Sitting in the Trocadero gardens as the sun starts to set gives you a perfect view point to watch the tower begin to glitter. It will add a touch of romance and magic to your Parisian adventure.

Experience the Northern Lights

Visit Norway for the chance to see the aurora borealis (the Northern Lights). It is the most wonderful light show on earth.  The Northern lights are visible from eight different locations in Norway between September and March. You can get to them via snowmobile and dog sledge to add a bit of adventure tour trip!

Taking a bike ride around Amsterdam

There is no better way to see the sights Amsterdam has to offer than by bicycle. Amsterdam takes its cycling very seriously, so much so that cyclists have priority of motorists and pedestrians. You are spoilt for choice for bike rental and have the option of a cycling tour or discovering the city on your own. You can cycle through the Vondelpark, by the side of the UNESCO listed Canals, pick up some tulips from the flower market and stop by Anne Frank’s house too. If you want to see Amsterdam like a local, cycling is the only way to do it.


WordPress is a fantastic web hosting platform that lets anyone with an email address register for a free .wordpress.com domain in a matter of minutes. They can upgrade to a private domain for a small fee, and the user-friendly interface means even total novices can put together a visually appealing website.

But how do you make your WordPress site stand out when you’re using a default theme? When you head to the theme gallery, you’ll notice there are dozens of premium themes that cost anywhere from $39 to $175. These are professionally designed and offer loads of customization features that may not be as prevalent with free themes, but they’re an unnecessary expense for a WordPress beginner.

Instead of dropping money on a premium theme you may not even wind up liking in a few months, check out these five great beginner WordPress themes.

1. Dara

The Dara theme is relatively new and ideal for personal and business blogs alike. A large featured image of your choosing greets visitors, while a cheerful menu bar cuts across the top that can link to all your most important pages (like “About Us” or “Contact”).

The featured content section of the blog has a slider feature, so those who visit your site can get a feel for what type of content you publish right off the bat. It’s a great way to showcase your newest and most successful blog posts in one place, which is the blogging equivalent of “putting your best foot forward.”

If you’re a business owner, you can enable a testimonial feature that includes reviews from your most satisfied clients or other noteworthy sources.

The front page can also include three separate images and a corresponding clickable header, or you can just set a static front page with a personalized image and message every visitor will see before they click on one of your menu bars to be taken to your blog.

Dara wraps up its primary features with social media buttons for you to link all your profiles and a full-width option to expand the body of the site to accommodate larger images and fonts.


2. Gazette

Online publications will benefit most from the Gazette theme. As its name implies, this theme presents its content in an image-oriented format. Its minimalist color scheme places emphasis on content, so if you’re an active blogger or online magazine, this is a fantastic theme to start with.

The Gazette homepage can be customized to feature excerpts from key pieces of content, balanced with striking photography to create a site that’s as visually engaging as it is mentally stimulating.

The logo can be customized, so you can add your personality to this simplistic theme. The header can be fixed or unfixed while users scroll, so depending on how actively you want to push content, this is an interesting feature to consider.

One of Gazette’s greatest features for online publications is the option to include individual author bios on each post. For a free theme, it has everything you need to get your magazine or blog launched with zero startup costs.

3. Eighties

This is a bold, one-column theme that cuts right to the chase. Ideal for bloggers who want their words to do the talking, the Eighties theme includes a large, customizable header image that can draw readers in, followed by a minimalistic layout punctuated with strong, colorful accents.

The responsive design means your content will look great on any device, and it takes care of all the style and code so you can dive right into publishing.


4. Karuna

This clean-cut business theme features a professional layout with bright colors, though the color scheme can be toned down to one of several alternate options.

While the theme was designed with health and wellness sites in mind, it’s able to be customized to suit any business. Prominent featured images, customer testimonials, a customizable footer images and personalized menus are the main features that make Karuna an excellent choice for professionals who seek free web hosting without sacrificing customization and convenience.

Social links can be added directly into Karuna’s layout, and a header can be tweaked to include direct links to various site pages. You can choose between a one and two-column layout, full-width display and add widgets to the footer that include pertinent information like your business’s address, an archive list and compact navigation menu.

5. Libre 2

For those who want to start a blog and keep the focus entirely on text, Libre 2 is a wonderful choice. Described as “A clean and responsive theme for long-form writing,” Libre 2 boasts a classic look and modern design.

The fixed main navigation bar ensures that readers can easily transition from one part of your site to the next and keeps the most important content unobtrusively in front of them at all times.

Although its white minimal design appears simple, Libre 2 still gives you plenty of room to grow. Sticky posts can be fastened to the top of the site at any time, and secondary content can be spread out across three footer widgets.

A custom 300 x 300 logo can be added, which seamlessly shrinks to 50 x 50 while scrolling. A header menu and social media links finish off Libre 2′s offerings, making it a solid choice for beginner WordPress users who want to focus on blog posts and words alone.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme

When picking a theme for WordPress, content is key. A common beginner’s mistake is choosing a theme that relies heavily on customization for the sake of appearance. Although a lot of pictures look nice, image-heavy themes require a high volume of content to appear finished.

If you plan on publishing daily, then image-oriented themes like Gazette are perfect, but for those who plan to publish new posts on a weekly basis, themes that showcase content first and center are the better choice.


A UK holiday has recently completed research revealing that for Brits, the number one luxury holiday is a private pool or hot tub. Blue Chip Holidays polled 1000 adults in the UK and asked them about the must have items they look for when they’re booking a luxurious holiday home.

Respondents were able to choose from a few different options or answer with something completely different, and the results were interesting. 34% said they believed that a private hot tub or pool would be their must-have luxury amenity, and this was closely followed by a private balcony or garden, with 31% of respondents agreeing that this is the most important.

14% of the people surveyed said that bringing Fido along was crucial, and needed a place that was dog-friendly, 11% loved the idea of a private chef, and 9% said that they would love an open fire or log burner.

When the results were further broken down, it was quickly evident that the ideal amenities depended on the age of the respondents, along with where they lived in the UK. When we look at the UK as a whole, a private hot tub or pool was the number one choice, but for those who were over 65 and living in Northern Ireland, they greatly preferred an open fire or log burner.

Hotel Swimming Pool Holiday Luxury Travel Pool

And for people aged between 25 and 34 years old, they were equally split between the hot tub, a private garden or balcony, and a private chef.

Respondents living in Scotland who were over 65 also had a three way tie, although they were split between a place that was dog-friendly, and open fire or log burner, and a private chef. And those aged between 54 and 64 were torn between a private chef and a dog-friendly environment.

Tori Kirwan-Taylor is the Brand & Communications Manager for the holiday company Blue Chip Holidays, and she analysed the study. She said the team was very interested in seeing how the “must have item” would be different depending on both the location and the age of the holiday maker.

She went on to say that the survey hows that when it comes to luxury, everyone has different ideas about what they’d like to see and how they’d like to be treated. Tori also mentioned that this is why the company’s holiday cottages are so varied and offer something for everyone.

One thing that Tori was pleased to see, was that many people voted a private chef as a nice addition. This is because the company offers a holiday planning service to guests, and this is one of the options they can choose from.

As you can see, there are many different ideas about what constitutes a luxury holiday, and one person’s luxury often will be very different to someone else’s. For more information about the survey, be sure to read this article.


Yes, a lot of people still find this to be a question to tackle. However, it should be known that poker isn’t just an astonishing way to occupy one’s free time. Poker is a game that requires knowing your contender, strategizing, reading of the hand, psychology application, management of bankroll and just a little of poker luck.

As a spectator, one would expect watching poker on the side to be a fun thing to do. What fun could there be with a lot of people strictly bent on putting on their sunglasses in a room – without windows – where some chips and cards change position on a table? Well, the sullen look on the face of a banished player due to not having any more chips to continue the game at that specific time – sure isn’t fun to watch.


Getting it right with poker: Luck vs. Competence

It was impossible for a long time to accurately record the statistics of poker games until the introduction of online poker. Not all players keep a record of the game they play, and among these few, it is even more difficult to find those that are willing to share these records with researchers.

However, there are recent reports from https://pokiestar.com/online-pokies-for-real-money/ attracting a great amount of attention. One of which is the Cigital group (a consulting firm in Washington, DC) inspection of more than 100 million poker hands done on a large scale.

Here are two major outcomes that satisfactorily adhere with most knowledgeable poker players’ perceptions:

  • There is no showdown for 3/4 of all poker hands.
  • The best hand wins only approximately 12% of the hands.
  • With such findings, it became more convenient for a lot to maintain the fact that poker is a game of skill and not mere luck.

What does luck have on this?

Saying that luck holds a significant role or not in poker – this should not be a contradicting statement. One should first consider the time frame before being able to evaluate the effect of luck. If we consider playing on a relatively short time frame, then we can comfortably be at rest that luck plays a huge role.

After checking with seasoned amateurs and top pros, it is seen that eighty to eighty-five percent of their outcomes for single sessions that don’t take less than 5 to 6 hours can be dependent on luck.  A smaller group of these amateurs and pros on a week time frame (say, thirty-five to forty-five hours) can account for about thirty to forty percent of their outcome related to the luck factor. Why not spare a little time to experience more of the poker luck and skill balance?

Actually, what role does luck really play in poker?

a.    Everything

b.    Nothing

c.    All of the above

Well, the answer is definitely ‘c’. So, inasmuch as you are working so hard to put your skills in shape, get your strategy right, be in the right psychological state, properly read the hands of your opponents, getting to understand your contender, and managing the bankroll – one factor still remains a constant; you should still hope that LADY FORTUNE makes you her favorite at the poker table.



If you’re planning a caravanning holiday this year, then be sure to read on to discover our top ten tips for making your holiday a success.

Plan ahead and make a list

To ensure you get the most of your holiday, plan ahead and book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Preparation is important when planning a caravan holiday, so make a list and check it twice – at least.

Consider your location

Do your research to find a location that suits your group. Most caravan sites, like Mann’s Holidays, come with either a rural or a beachside location. Consider if your caravan is standing alone in a rural location or conversely is it on a larger site, with other campers nearby? Envisage what you want from your holiday and book accordingly.

Consider the facilities

Is it more important for you to get away from it all or do you want more facilities onsite and amenities nearby? Consider the facilities available at your chosen site and see if they meet the needs of your entire group.


Check there’s enough room

The bijou charm of a caravanning holiday is part of the attraction – but ensure there is enough space (and beds) for everyone.

Want to take your dog?

Don’t want to leave your much-loved family pet behind? Then check that the site you’re visiting is pet-friendly.

Check what’s included in your stay

To avoid disappointment, ensure you understand what is and isn’t included in your holiday fee.

Weather check

Check the weather and consider the time of year you’re holidaying. Take appropriate clothing and make sure you pack your wellies and a torch or two.

Meal times

Consider how much you want to cook for yourself, what other options are available nearby and what you’ll need to take with you.

Never been on a caravan holiday before? Search online, and you’ll find lots of suggestions for cooking on a caravan holiday, with scrambled eggs a favourite standby.

Taking your caravan?

If you’re taking your caravan, rather than renting one, then ensure all of your maintenance is up to date. From tyres to the battery, the water system to the electrics, check it is all working as it should be. Consider if it is time for a professional service and find your local, approved workshop in good time.

Then, before you set off on your holiday, ensure you have everything you need and check it’s all packed safely and securely for the journey.

Considering investing in a caravan?

If you’re considering purchasing a caravan so that you can go off on the open road – then look up ‘caravanning for beginners’ courses to set you off on the right track. Also, join a caravanning club for access to lots of helpful information for beginners or subscribe to a caravanning magazine for tips on the inside track on your new pastime.

We hope you’ve found these hints and tips useful and that you’ll enjoy your next caravanning holiday to the full.


If you’ve been thinking about trading in your car and becoming a motorcycle owner instead, you’ll soon learn that there are plenty of reasons why you should live this dream and buy a motorcycle.

Here are a few of the benefits of owning a motorcycle:


Believe it or not, but owning a motorcycle will actually put more money in your pocket. Consider how much you spend on gas each week, not to mention maintenance, car repayments, and wear and tear.

One of the great things about owning a motorcycle is you’ll probably learn to do a lot of the maintenance yourself, and you’ll be able to find parts and accessories like Pirelli motorcycle tires, bikemaster brakes, and more online at http://www.bikebandit.com/.


The environment

By now, we all know that we need to be working towards reducing our impact on the environment, and that means ensuring that we’re all leaving a smaller footprint. Compared to driving a car, riding a motorcycle is much more fuel efficient, and you’ll spend less time waiting for lights to change, meaning less time idling and fewer emissions.

Your health

Are you someone who has always wanted to own a motorcycle? If so, finally living this dream is likely to improve your mental health. Women, in particular find owning a motorcycle hugely beneficial, and a study by Harley Davidson found that while 16% of women who don’t ride a motorcycle said that they always feel happy, a huge 37% of female motorcycle owners said the same.

Owning a motorcycle is a great way to improve your self-confidence, and if you’ve been looking for a challenge, you’ll find that simply buying your motorcycle is just the first step- you then need to learn to ride, refresh yourself on the road rules, and learn basic motorcycle maintenance.


Studies have shown that even though we’re all constantly connected with our smartphones, many of us are feeling more lonely than ever. As we get older, we naturally move apart from friends we may have grown up with, as people go travelling, move countries, get a mortgage, and begin their families. This can mean that you have few things in common with the people who used to be your closest friends, and it’s not uncommon to have fewer than 3 close friends.

The motorcycle community is a great way to meet new people. Motorcycle owners come from all walks of life, and you’ll be meeting a wide range of people who are likely to welcome you with open arms. Newbies will find that this is an inclusive group of people who are usually happy to give you advice about riding and maintaining your bike, and a listening ear if you’re having a bad day.

As you can see, there are many benefits of owning a motorcycle. If you’re considering buying a bike, be sure to do your research, get some lessons, and reach out to more experienced riders for help and advice.


When was the last time you went away for a business or pleasure trip? How’s your wellbeing these days? If it’s been awhile since you traveled, and your sense of wellbeing has been better, the two may be more related than you think. Seeing new sights and meeting new people can be good for your emotional and physical health. Here are a few wonderful reasons why.

Brain and body benefits of travel

Going places can keep your mind sharp and your brain healthy. Breaking up your daily routine by Introducing new and novel experiences challenges your brain to form fresh memories and builds resilience to stress at a cellular level. For this reason, travel may actually decrease your chances of developing a degenerative disease, says The Chopra Center. Boosted cognitive stimulation via exposure to new faces and new places may improve memory skills and fend off dementia. Hurrying through airports, catching trains, and hauling luggage is great exercise the may boost heart health, too.


Traveling broadens your horizons as well as your perspective on life and humanity. When you go to a new place and meet new people, you put yourself outside your usual comfort zone. Sometimes, this may be odd at first, but it’s almost always guaranteed to open your mind to new experiences, foods and cultures. Some persons experience major epiphanies when they travel, and many artists and writers describe remarkable bursts of fresh creativity every time they travel. Seeing how other people live can inspire you to incorporate global thinking into your day to day routines.

Travel may increase your sense of connection with the world at large. When you’re in a new city and you ask a stranger for directions, you open a line of communication with someone you might otherwise never know. Even if you don’t speak the native language, interacting with locals on a personal level opens your heart and mind to understanding between diverse peoples.

Traveling can boost happiness levels

Challenging your usual boundaries and trying new things offers an ideal catalyst for wellbeing. Explore the natural and manmade wonders of the world to gain a whole new appreciation for cultures, civilizations and individuals. Traveling can ramp up your self confidence in an amazing way, as well. Learn about yourself when you learn about the world, says Huffington Post.

Make friends everywhere you go

Travel with a smile on your face, and you’re bound to see others smile back. There’s just something that’s soooo infectious about a friendly smile it’s impossible to resist. When you are kind to global citizens, they’re generally kind in return. Affording travel is easier when you carry a 18 month no interest balance transfer card everywhere you go.

Pack lightly, or take everything in your closet with you when you go. The point is to get out there and see the world. Doing so is sure to be good for your wellbeing.

Anna Duffy is passionate about travel and has carved out a career in travel as she helps people plan for once-in-a-lifetime trips. Her travel articles cover all destinations and topics no matter what age or stage you are at in your travel journey.